Tougher Security Measures at Swiss Pop Concerts

Recent events — notably those at Manchester Arena on May 22 — have prompted a major organizer of pop events in Switzerland to strengthen security measures at concerts.

“Rigorous backpack ban” at Swiss concerts

Are you going to the Justin Bieber or Céline Dion concert? The organizers have adapted their security measures. You must know that.

One of the biggest concert organizers in Switzerland reacts to the attack in Manchester. As of now, a “rigorous rucksack and bag ban” applies to all concerts organized by abc Production AG.

Only fanny-packs and handbags up to the A5 size [a typical European school notebook size: 5.8” x 8.2”] are still allowed, said a communication from abc Production of the Friday evening. Specifically, the bags can not exceed 14.8 cm x 21 cm (5.8” by 8.2” inches).

No tablets

These restrictions have been introduced as a consequence of the events in the Manchester Arena as well as the constantly changing requirements of for safety of tours and artistic management, said the organizers. Drinks and liquids in glass or PET bottles, cans, tetra-packs or other containers are also prohibited. Video cameras and tablets, among other things, as well as miracle candles have to be left at home.

Visitors to the upcoming concerts of Konstantin Wecker (June 6) in the Kongresshaus Zürich as well as Justin Bieber (15 June) and Céline Dion (15 July) in the Stade de Suisse in Berne are already affected by these restrictions. For this reason, abc production will continue to produce shorter waiting times at the entrances because the personal control will be accelerated. The waiting times at the counter for the return of the “prohibited items” will also be reduced.


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