Muhammad And Freya Top New Baby Names On Irish Passports In 2016

It continues to creep in Ireland, via Muhammad and Freya top new baby names on Irish passports in 2016 |

The rise in Arabic names is a reflection of the increasing multicultural nature of Ireland and where new immigrants are coming from.

The 2011 census showed 50,000 Muslim migrants living in Ireland, up from 36,000 in the census taken in 2006.

Freya means “beloved” in Arabic, while Muhammad means “praiseworthy” and is also, of course, the name of Islam’s founder. They ranked at numbers 42 and 117, respectively.

A total of 17,752 passports were issued to babies born in 2016.

Of course, Muhammad was a warlord, a rapist, a beheader, he married a six-year old and kept sex slaves. It’s also a top name among Islamic terrorists. Who wouldn’t want to name their child after him?


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