‘Kill them All’: Louisiana Congressman Calls for Islamic Extremists to be Hunted Down and Killed like the ‘Heathen Animals’ They Are

Sunday, Louisiana Congressman Clay Higgins issued a powerful statement on how he believes Islamic extremists should be dealt with and let’s just say that the left is not going to like it one bit.

Higgins, a former police captain that once declared war on drug dealers in area after releasing a spirited video warning criminals about exactly who they would be up against is should they continue to break the law is at it again, this time calling for the deaths of Islamic extremists.

Watch Higgins’ warning to drug dealers below:

Higgins who was elected in southwestern Louisiana with 56 percent during a December runoff election took to social media following the London terror attack over the weekend, making it clear where he stands on the issue.

Living up to his nickname the ‘Cajun John Wayne,’ Higgins tweeted a photo of a police officer standing over one of the downed London Jihadists while insisting that Islamic extremists should be hunted like the heathen animals they truly are and dispatched accordingly.

View Higgins’ post below:


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