German Nurse Eats Pork, Becomes “Christian Fascist”

The following text is an excerpt from a letter sent by a German nurse, as posted on Facebook

A woman who is a nurse, and works in a refugee shelter, wrote to me:

Last weekend a woman came to me with an inflammation of the bladder. After consulting with the physician, I told her that she should drink one liter of tea, so that the bacteria would be flushed out.

Subsequently, a security staff member from Morocco came to me and said, don’t discourage people from Ramadan. Then, this security-man wanted to pray, and I was kind enough to give him my office keys, so that he would not have to pray in the hallway.

Then, on Monday, I quickly ate a Bifi [a German jerky-like Salami sausage snack] in the kitchen, out of consideration for the colleagues who are fasting. I left the kitchen with the rest. The security guy was sitting there again, and he asked me what I was eating. I said, “I would like to share with you, but it contains pork, sorry.” He replied “Disgusting! Are you a pig, too…?!” Then he grunted at me whenever he saw me for the rest of the day.

Tuesday morning I arrived at work and asked him, how are you, and he grunted, again! I said this isn’t funny. He replied “Just admit it that you are eating pig!” Then I complained to our superior. The guy got reprimanded, but he is telling everyone that I am trying to pull people away from Islam, which isn’t true, of course. I let him pray in the office, and I only eat in the kitchen, not in front of all the colleagues.

Now it has gone so far that the Muslim colleagues are calling me “the Christian Fascist”.


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