No More “Refugees” for the Czech Republic

For a while Hungary was the only EU country to resist Brussels’ diktats about taking its quota of “refugees”. Then Poland joined. And now Czechia has officially refused any more EU-imposed migrants.

That leaves Slovakia. After Bratislava declares officially against the quotas, what then? Presumably the EU will impose sanctions on all of them, prompting the Visegrad Four to sign lucrative trade agreements with Russia — which will set the international MSM a-foaming at the mouth like nothing else can.

It doesn’t seem to be in Brussels’ best interests to force this issue. But then, ideology seems to trump (not the most felicitous word) everything else.

Czechs will not accept refugees that the EU tries to impose on them!

According to Reuters, the Czech government has decided to refuse accepting the quota for immigrants imposed by the European Commission. All due to the series of attacks that have taken place in the last few weeks.

For several months EU politicians have been threatening Poland and Hungary. They even threaten financial sanctions if they still do not accept immigrants. Now we can add another country to our duo.

“The Czech Republic will suspend the reception of immigrants according to EU refugee allocation quotas. So the government decided after the Monday meeting,” Reuters said.

According to findings, the Czechs were expected to accept 2,600 refugees by the end of September under the so-called “relocation” process. Up to now, a dozen or so have arrived. However, the government has decided that there will be no further reception of refugees.

“Due to the deteriorating security situation and the dysfunctional condition of the entire system [separation of immigrants], the government accepted the request to suspend this system for the Czech Republic,” said Milan Chovanec, head of the Czech Ministry of the Interior.

“This means that the Czech Republic will not accept refugees arriving from Greece and Italy according to an earlier scheme for the separation of immigrants,” he added.


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