The State of the TEA Party

on Oct 05, 2016 at 2:34PM in Politics, Geopolitics, History, North America

America is at war. And, because most Americans have no idea who our real enemy is, we continue to waste our passion, money, and time fighting one another rather than our common enemy.

The war for America is not GOP vs. Democrat, or Progressive vs. Conservative. It isn't even sexual perverts vs. the other 99% of America. The war that has run us ragged for generations is Washington D.C. against America.

The sooner the American People grasp this, the sooner we can turn battles and begin to restore our civilization. Restoring America will not be an 'event', and it will not be primarily a result of elections. AmericaAgain! is a new way of life, introduced in this free PDF book.

The Boston Tea Party was a single public demonstration of citizen discontent with tyrants. It lasted a few hours. Then the colonists moved on to planning, training, and arming for war.

America won that war against a much stronger enemy – and we can do so again. No, I am not talking about armed insurrection, but we will discuss the crucial duty of Citizen Militia in a later article this month.

The fact is, electoral politics is perhaps 10% of our duty in popular sovereignty. Because the TEA Party never understood this any more than the Occupy Wall Street people understood the bankruptcy of Marxism, both movements are dead. Yes, the TEA Party is dead. Get over it.

This year, we have a rare window of opportunity. Our domestic enemies in D.C. will sucker millions of citizens, like distracted children, into following Donald Trump's latest jabs in their electoral politics theater. They will fake the people into following fake rumors of wars with Russia, ISIS, and every other CIA-generated boogeyman. This week, it's a handful of people drumming up another media circus involving another fellow named Bundy. Another perfect false-flag 'militia' standoff; this time in Oregon.

The false crises won't work this year. The TEA Party is over, and the real war for history's greatest civilization is not a party. It isn't an event, or another pointless armed standoff where some camera-seeking loony seeks to further marginalize and caricature the constitutional Citizen Militia.

There is a citizen power and duty presumed within our charge to Congress in Article I, Section 8, Clause 15 of the Constitution. We have a window of opportunity if we can tune out false-flag media events, fake rumors of wars, and electoral politics theater that will consume 2016.

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