Muslim Leader Claims London Jihad Attacks Were Staged By Police

ihad Watch writer Christine Douglass-Williams and I recently spoke in Iceland, where I was poisoned by a Leftist posing as a well-wisher who still has not been arrested by the Icelandic police (they would no doubt be moving heaven and earth to apprehend him had, say, Linda Sarsour, or some other Leftist been poisoned). This imam, Ahmad Sedeeq was present at our public lectures. He attempted to claim that stonings were not taking place in Sharia-adherent countries, and that the Bible contains violent verses, and that we were claiming that Osama bin Laden’s version of Islam was the normative version (this, after I had read from a manual of Islamic law endorsed by al-Azhar on the necessity of Muslims to wage violent jihad against Infidels). He was, in short, just another deceiver, and not a very subtle or able one, but doubtless he wasn’t used to running into informed and determined kuffar.

The Leftist Icelandic media was aghast that we had treated him so badly as to challenge him on his half-truths and lies. And so now they have him, and they want him, and here is a sampling of what they will be living with from now on. In terms of deceit, this is just the beginning. When Icelanders start to die in jihad attacks, that happy, safe nation will be treated to a much more sophisticated level of deception.

“Muslim religious leader in Iceland considers the terrorist attacks in London to be partially staged,” translated from “Trúarleiðtogi múslima á Íslandi telur hryðjuverkin í London sviðsett að hluta,” by Hjálmar Friðriksson,, June 7, 2017:

The Islamic Cultural Center in Iceland, the second-largest Muslim community in Iceland, this morning shared on its Facebook page a video stating that the terrorist attack in London had been staged.
The video asserts the conspiracy theory that the various terrorist acts and massacres were staged and actors were made to play the victims — so-called “crisis players.”
The Cultural Center itself writes about the video in English: “The police crew was caught on a video in which they changed their pants behind a van. Later, one of them is lying on the street, pretending to be one of the London Bridge victims!” It is correct to say that the Cultural Center has condemned the attack and sent condolences on Facebook. Registered members of the Cultural Center are 406 in total.
The religious community shared the video from the Facebook page Mubasher Europe. On this organization’s page, among other things, there is written in Arabic: “Who are the actual terrorists?”


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