Migrant Smugglers Making As Much As $518,000 Per Boat To Europe

MIGRANT smugglers in the Mediterranean are making as much as £400,000 per boat as thousands attempt to reach European Union nations from Africa.

That’s $518,060USD. The happy smugglers and the unvetted migrants who have flooded into Europe, meanwhile, are costing taxpayers billions of dollars, as well as causing a sharp increase in crime and a heightened risk for jihad attacks.

It is more troubling that back in February, intelligence agencies revealed that jihadist terror groups, including the Islamic State, “are now getting much of their revenue from smuggling migrants into Europe.”

“REVEALED: Migrant smugglers earning £400,000 EACH BOAT for horrifying crossings to Italy”, by Zoie O’Brien, UK Express, June 7, 2017:

Makeshift rafts, ramshackle boats and rubber vessels packed with people from all over Africa are being rescued from the sea every day.

The European Union insists it is doing all it can to prevent crossings.

Under the Malta Declaration signed early in 2017, the bloc agreed to pay the Libyan coastguard to stop boats launching from the beaches.

However, £78million later and after weeks of training, desperate men, women and children hoping to seek asylum in Europe are still making they way towards Italy.

Most tell harrowing tales of life in Libya, from being sold on an active slave market to being raped and beaten.

Following dramatic rescues this week by Spanish non-governmental organisation GO Proactiva Open Arms, many refugees revealed they have sold everything they own to fund their trip.

In just one day a flimsy rubber boat, which held 128 people, was rescued by the charity, followed by a wooden ship which held 261.

In the rubber boat, migrants paid up to £850 each, while in the wooden vessel the price of a space was up to £1,700……


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