A Studly Syrian: What Girl Could Resist Him?

For this culture-enriching “youth” in Sweden, “no” never means “no” — because the kafir girls are so overwhelmed with lust for him that they don’t know what they’re saying.

I wonder what Swedish feminists will make of this nuanced view of consent vs. non-consent.

Abdul’s explanation as to why the girl shouted “NO”: “She was so horny she did not know what she was saying”

Abdul from Syria raped a girl in a car while everything was recorded with a mobile phone. Abdul claimed that the reason the girl shouted “Stop, I don’t want to!” on the recording, was because she “was so horny that she didn’t know what she was saying.” Now he gets away with it because he claims that he is only 16 years old — and he won’t face expulsion from Sweden.

The girl contacted the Arab refugee child via social media and they decided to meet. In April of this year, the girl was at a party in Kalmar County and drank too much, which led to her vomiting several times.

At the end of the evening and she had a hard time taking care of herself. She then got help from Abdul and a friend who brought her to a car.

The girl lay unconscious in the back seat when the car suddenly stopped. When she woke up, she noticed that her underwear had been removed.

When the police made a search of Abdul’s home, videos and pictures were found on his computer that showed when the girl had been raped. When the girl in question heard about what had been found on Abdul’s computer, she panicked because she was afraid that the material had been spread.

The video has been used as the strongest evidence against Abdul. In a sequence, the girl is heard screaming, “No, stop, I don’t want to!” Despite that, Abdul claimed during the trial that they had had consensual sex.

During a police interview, Abdul was asked how he interpreted the girl’s screams that he should stop and that she did not want to.

“I didn’t pay attention to it; she just said things that she knew about,” said the child refugee.

When asked to explain what he meant by that, the Arab replied:

“She said things that she didn’t know she was saying. I mean, she was so very horny that she did not know what she was saying.”

“So when you’re horny, you may say things that you are not aware of — things you don’t mean,” Abdul further explained.

Abdul misused the girl because she was extremely drunk, writes Sweden’s Radio. He will avoid prison because of his allegedly young age, reports SVT (Swedish Television).

The Kalmar District Court sentenced Abdul to 85 hours of youth care. He additionally has to pay 115,000 kronor ($13,000) in damages to the girl.

The prosecutor did not recommend that Abdul be deported from Sweden back to his Arab homeland.

Documents show that the refugee child is a citizen of Syria and in need of an Arabic interpreter. He has a criminal record for shoplifting, for which he merely received a warning on February 2nd, 2017.


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