This Smacks of a Double Standard

If you’re German father, and a culture-enricher sexually harasses or molests your daughter, you can’t shoot him. You can’t hit him upside the head with a board. You can’t kick him. And you can’t smack him. If you do, you may expect the full legal force of the Modern Multicultural State to come down hard on you.

About all you can do is say: 

Good day, sir. My daughter welcomes refugees. You may have your way with her — please avail yourself of her services. Would you like her little sister, too?

Father smacks Afghan for harassing his 16-year-old daughter, and now the police are investigating HIM

Police are investigating against a 44-year-old family father because he smacked an Afghan who was sexually harassing his 16-year-old daughter.

The two Afghan asylum seekers, 18 and 31 years old, had been harassing the two girls from Gauting, 16 and 15 years old, for weeks.

On Saturday they ran into the girls again, who this time, were accompanied by their boyfriends, on the pedestrian walk behind the Fristo beverage store in Gauting.

The two asylum seekers were standing on a park bench. The younger of them exposed his genitals and masturbated. The older Afghan cheered him on loudly.

During this exhibitionist act, the older one of the girls happened to be speaking to her 44-year-old father on the phone, and told him what was happening. The man from Gauting got into his car and immediately drove to the scene.

In the meantime, mutual insults and assaults occurred between the 18-year-old Afghan and the 20-year-old boyfriend of the girl from Gauting.

When the father arrived, he asked his daughter what had happened — then he smacked each of the Afghans. While the police were taking down the complaint, the 18-year-old asylum seeker was still loudly threatening the girl’s boyfriend.

The two asylum seekers, the father, and the boyfriend of the girl will be facing criminal charges now. The police issued a restraining order against the two asylum seekers concerning the girls.


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