Leo Varadkar Set To Be Ireland's First Openly Gay Prime Minister As He's Named Successor To Enda Kenny

The new Prime Minister of Ireland, Leo Varadkar became the first openly homosexual Prime Minister in the world.

Leo Varadkar, who is only 38 years old, comes from a family of Hindus. His parents came to Ireland in the 70s, when this country was considered one of the most conservative countries in Europe.

Now he becomes a leader of the ruling party of Ireland, "FINA Gale", by receiving the majority of the votes. And this month he will assume the office of the Prime Minister of Ireland.

He will become the youngest Prime Minister in the history of Ireland, plus the first Hindu in origin and first openly gay in the world. Leo Varadkar confessed his orientation during Irish gay marriage legalization referendum.

Despite his youth, Varadkar has been spinning in high government circles for a while. Medical educated, in 2011, at the age of 32, he headed the Ministry of transport, tourism and sport first, then, in 2014, the Ministry of health and in 2016 - the Ministry of social protection of Ireland.

We can only guess what is the driving force in power, because, according to unofficial data, Leo Varadkars Ministers didn't reach any special success.

What is known about the last place of work, it is that he actively lobbied for the introduction of biometric identification of citizens via ID card.

after the election of Leo Varadkar my friend from Ireland wrote:

"What should I do? I don't like it. They always begin with children and schools."

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