Viktor Orbán Discusses Mass Immigration and Emmanuel Macron at the EU Summit

Yesterday and today the European Council hosted a summit meeting in Brussels of the 28 leaders of the European Union. The meeting was characterized by Emmanuel Macron’s outburst against Central European countries over their refusal to accept any “refugees” that have been invited en masse into the EU by German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the apparatchiks in Brussels (see this ANSAMed report on the summit from an Italian perspective).

The video below combines three excerpts from remarks by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán both before and after the summit. The first two clips are from yesterday, before the summit, and the third one was from earlier today, after the summit had concluded.

Note: When Mr. Orbán uses the pronoun “he” in the second clip, he is referring to Emmanuel “Toy Boy” Macron, the new president of France. Mr. Macron distinguished himself at his first EU summit by insisting that the Visegrad Four — Poland, Czechia, Slovakia, and Hungary — must be forced to accept their quota of “refugees” as laid down by the European Union.


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