Lies and Liars

Yesterday, I was thinking about things, and I was amazed at just how many things I now perceive to be lies. It is hard to write about conspiracy theories before they are shown to be true, but when ‘facts’ and ‘truths’ are cast aside for the sake of doctrine, we really have to look for alternatives that actually fit the reality and the facts.

The biggest lie going now is the ‘Islam is a religion of peace’ meme, when it is so obviously not. However, if media and government say it loud enough and often enough then it obviously becomes ‘truth’. The problem here is that we Westerners no longer understand the word ‘religion’, and confuse it with the word ‘politics’. It is a long time since the West has had to deal with religious fanaticism. The 20th century was a century of political fanaticism.

Islam is a political movement hiding behind a religious façade, and, more recently, it has added ‘racist’ drapes to create a fashionable fantasy and further obfuscate all the issues. Originally it was a political religion of brown-skinned people, but it has evolved. For now the skin-colour isotope of the modern elemental theology of ‘racism’ can be used as a shroud to further misdirect all and sundry away from its real aims and intentions; a world without unbelievers.

It is therefore an incitement to murder and coercion on a huge scale.

European religions have been benign for the last 200 years. Whilst they meddled in politics, it was usually just pontificating on morality and poverty, etc., and was not really relevant to the mainstream.

The symbiosis between cultural Marxism and Islam has been significant, however, for in both, the ends justify the means. Therefore both are prepared to lie and cheat and steal for whatever might achieve their desired ends, even up to and including murder and political assassination.

But we are also being lied to about climate as well. And we are lied to about big pharma and medicines. We are being lied to about poisons and genetic modifications to our food. We are also being lied to about water.

These are official lies, and in each case, history is changed to suit the elite discourse. Take the fluoridation of water for example. Fluorine is highly electronegative, so much so that its bonding pattern with metallic elements is voracious. Fluorine is more poisonous than lead, and whilst we spend billions of dollars trying to remove the not very dangerous lead (see the endnote) from gasoline and replace it with known carcinogens, we are putting fluorine in our drinking water. Thus it ends up infiltrating the whole of the food chain.

Most dental research on fluorine was done using sodium fluoride, a by-product of uranium processing, but what is put in water is sodium fluorosilicate, a compound taken from industrial waste scraped from the inside of industrial chimneys.

This is like saying that because sulphur dioxide is a preservative, we can therefore use sulphuric acid to preserve things too. But as with all things, follow the money to get to the truth.

Fluorine is nasty, even in small quantities. It renders the magnesium, sodium, potassium and calcium in our bodies inert. In the case of magnesium, this shuts down the ATP process with which cells create energy. Fluorine also replaces the vital element iodine in the thyroid system, as well as making powerful people wealthy. As for good teeth, free from dental caries: well, that is up for grabs.

Enforced medication is illegal. Consent is usually required — except, that is, where fluoridation is concerned.

Socialism is also supposed to be good for you, but there is no proof as such. It is supposed to give you a cradle-to-grave shelter under a tree of togetherness, but in reality, the canopy of the socialist tree is supported by a trunk which does all the work for those who lounge in its shade and pluck its fruit. And those loungers seem to consider those in the trunk to be idiots and therefore expendable. So the trunk gets thinner and thinner.

The reality is that ‘socialism’ is a theory, a theory which keeps reinventing itself. It is a theory in which men are inspired by a ‘wise one’, people like Constantine, Mohammed and Marx. The rules are usually the same — one set for the elite, and another for the cattle. The cattle have no individuality. They are a mixed multitude of workers only fit to be organised by the Chosen.

Thus, in the long term, socialism is very, very bad for you.

But the short-term effect is like that of sodium fluoride, which may stop the holes in our teeth, but the long term effect is the sodium fluorosilicate which the elites conveniently forget to tell us about. Socialism is at best an experiment in social engineering with many failures and NO successes. It is an attempt to replace the obvious superiority of Judeo-Christianity with a man-made equivalent. In reality it is just the Newspeak term for ancient feudalism.

Islam was nothing but an early pre-Marxian form of violent socialism, where the (working) middle-class victims were robbed in the short order instead of by a long drawn-out con trick, as is true of Marxism today. The effect, more a thousand years ago, was disastrous desertification as the middle class generators of wealth evaporated, taking the skilled farming and irrigation skills with them. General productivity dropped to nothing, so that looting, mayhem and constant wars of expansion (Jihad) were the only lucrative industries.

The Islamic revolution turned a land flowing with milk and honey into the arid wasteland that was so emotionally described by Mark Twain. Judeo-Christianity has reversed the process in the last 100 years, and the forces of both modern and ancient socialism are not happy about it.

Socialism is a political religion of parasitism, and always eventually kills its host through financial paralysis. Redistribution of wealth means removing that necessity which is the mother of invention. Thus, the creativity that powers wealth creation is aborted to pay for the inertia of the unwilling.

There is a thing the socialists call ‘white supremacy’, and in their view it is unfair and wrong. But that same ‘white supremacy’ was hard-earned in a hostile environment. When one is obsessed with race, one tends to see everything through the lenses of ‘race’ and ‘equality’. Hence the idea of ‘white supremacy’ as a pejorative explanation of the obviousness of white supremacy. But what if there is a somewhat more rational explanation of the fact of white supremacy? What if it is a product of culture and good law, well-enforced, and not race and inequality?

Shared White Supremacy has benefited the whole world enormously. It has lifted many parts of the world out of the squalor of feudalism into a more beneficial and civilised existence. In many cases white supremacy led the way to a betterment of life for all. It is/was not perfect, and some cultures resisted because it was also the beacon of Judeo-Christian achievement.

White Supremacy is epitomised mainly by Christianity (or the vestiges of it), and along with the automobile and washing machines came the missionaries. Here in Israel ‘missionary’ is almost a swear-word, and describes those evangelical Christians who prefer to preach to Jews rather than attend to the obvious problems in their own countries. But these Christians are nowhere near as bad for the country as those who come preaching Mohammed and Marx.

Each man (or woman) is worthy of his hire. If he works and produces a profit then he should have food on the family table. If a man wants something for nothing then he is usually a criminal. Socialism enables that criminality by forcibly stealing from those who are worthy of their hire and giving the loot to those who are unworthy. This is a structure that cannot stand. Yes, some are incapable and need support, but they are far fewer than those who demand to be supported.

I am quite severely crippled and I had to make a choice between working or living on benefits. I chose to work and take the pain and fatigue, but then, I am of the Judeo-Christian persuasion and I believe in being productive.

It is always very tempting to kill the golden goose to find out why it lays eggs of gold, and I cannot help but see this kiddies’ story as summing up the naivety of socialism. Judeo-Christianity worked because it promoted honesty and integrity and that the ends do not justify the means; never ever. White supremacy is there because the ‘white’ areas of the world embraced the Ten Commandments and their synergy with civilization itself.

The great lie is to deny this to the point that we have to watch our countries spiral out of control because cultural Marxism and Islam have taken over the helm. We need to look very carefully at our various histories.

The history of Israel is a history of a fight against the forces of both Socialism and Mohammedanism. It is only within the last thirty years that the stranglehold of socialism (the histadrut) was broken, and Israel is now prospering at a time when the rest of the civilised world is struggling. In Jewish areas of the country one can leave one’s car and house unlocked. The borders are controlled and jobs are available.

I am old, crippled and do not speak the language very well. But I have a job in high tech that keeps us going. The problem in Israel is that of a skills shortage, and we need to allow limited immigration of productive people even if they are not Jews. What we do not need is to open our borders to all comers.

But what about unproductive people? Are we prepared to see those who will not support themselves starve? Are we prepared to shoot those who try to cross our borders illegally?

Israel has a problem with illegal immigrants, too. People in lands in the region know that Israel alone considers human life sacrosanct, so they cross Egypt to camp by the border fence until they are allowed in. To stop this, we must be prepared to let them starve in the no-man’s land between the border fences.

In many ways, the information explosion is behind the mass desire of relatively barbaric peoples to exploit the good will of Judeo-Christianity. This is a relatively new phenomenon, and one which can bring down a naïve Western civilization.

Dick Whittington thought the streets of London were paved with gold. Umbala Nkomo knows that he can retire as soon as he gets to London. He knows that whatever he does or does not do, once he sets foot in the UK he will be able to suck at the public teat.

Can we watch Umbala starve? Can we deport him back to where he came from? Tough decisions…

In the meantime, those extremely valuable wage-earners, the ‘workers’, are watching as Umbala sucks them dry.

So exactly who is now exploiting whom? And about whom should the ‘workers’ now unite?

Socialism has abandoned the workers because they did not respond with suitable adulation of their betters. Nowadays socialism champions those whose countries and customs have kept them in poverty. From these they may well get the adulation that they crave.

But even this new iteration still means that the slow rot of socialism is corroding the pillars of so-called ‘white supremacy’, the very columns that support our fragile civilization.

What is it that the individuals who support socialism actually want? Does the Muslim who supports sharia want to destroy Europe and revert everything back to the Arabian Desert and third world turmoil? No, he does not, but at the same time he is incapable of thinking through the long-term consequences of his actions.

What is it that the useful idiots want to achieve? A free and just society where everybody lives in poverty except the elite, just as in every other communist state? Just where does the wealth that is to be redistributed actually come from?

What do the actual controlling elites want to achieve? A family dynasty, a titled and entitled aristocracy? Slaves and ‘droit de seigneur’?

My school days were wasted because I had to live out the ambitions of my parents instead of ‘finding myself’ academically. But modern children have to live out the ambitions of their society, a society that has embraced religious socialism as its dominant theme. It is a society where long-term consequences are taboo subjects, and socialist superstitions such as ‘diversity’ and ‘multiculturalism’ are the order of the day, where ‘hate’ and ‘racism’ are the vague bogeymen deemed to be the causes of major civilizational pestilence. So now, most young people never reach a state of maturity whereby they can throw off the yoke of this fashionable bondage brainwashing. Those who cannot wrench their brains free of mind-bending media and entertainment lies are sentenced to life in the gutter of a road built by others, and are going to places unknowable and ungovernable.

One would hope that the Left is falling to bits. It wriggled out of its murderous 20th-century history by claiming minority-murderer status for Stalin, and that it was the ultra-conservatives who ‘dunnit’, and that Socialists ‘dindu nuffin’ . Somehow National Socialism is not real ‘socialism’, in the same way that Islam is a religion of ‘peace’ and climate change is ‘settled’ science.

But of course, if you never allow the opposition a platform, then, by default, your lies become the paradigm.


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