Anti-Jihadists Could Take Over Hollowed-out Husk Of Ukip

UKIP basically committed political suicide when they got what they wanted -- BREXIT. The recent general election results, where the party got 1.8% of the votes, proved that. Plus Nigel Farage knows the game is up. Recently he said he wouldn't be standing for the position of leader.

The way for the party to have stayed alive would have been to develop an equally compelling policy while they were pushing for BREXIT so that when BREXIT became a non-issue they would have had something to fall back on. But UKIP were never much good at thinking ahead.

The party is just a hollowed-out husk, but it is still quite a big brand name, so if it were able to find an issue to campaign on, there might be a chance of reviving it. There is even the possibility that this is now happening after reports of a surge of new members, most of whom are thought to be anti-jihadist civic nationalists who strongly oppose Islam.

In the last two weeks 1,000 new members have joined. This comes as the party is getting ready to hold a leadership election, following the resignation of Paul Nuttall, who took over from Farage after he stepped down in the wake of BREXIT.

The new members are thought to be supporters of Anne Marie Waters, a former UKIP candidate in the Lewisham East constituency in 2015, who was forced to stand down in 2017 because of her views on Islam, which she described as "evil."

Anne Marie Waters

On Saturday (July 1st), Waters launched her leadership bid in Rotherham, a highly symbolic location, given the pedophile gang rape by Muslim men of 1400+ English girls that the town is now notorious for.

Just as with the Republican Party and Trump in the USA, UKIP's existing leadership seems to be taking a dim view of Water's candidacy and actually "advised" its local members not to attend the launch, adding that the party did not endorse Waters’s views. What a bunch of cucks, basically.

Despite this, Waters chances are looking good. One UKIP source told the left-wing Guardiannewspaper:
It’s possible that in a multi-horse race without a favourite, an election would be won with 5,000 votes. So 1,000 new members in just two weeks is potentially a fair way towards distorting the result.

Yes, "distorting" is what they call it if they don't like people democratically supporting certain ideas and candidates.

If Waters did win it would most likely see the revival of UKIP as a mainstream political force, because, like BREXIT, none of the main parties have policies which address the very real and reasonable fears of average Britons about the Islamification of their society.

Also standing is Peter Whittle, a London assembly member, who backs banning the niqab Islamic head covering in public. The new leader will be chosen by a direct vote of members ahead of the party conference in late September.

The important thing to remember in all this is that parties don't make policies, policies make parties, especially smaller parties that want to grow. As BREXIT showed, picking a policy that reflects the wishes of the British public, but which the mainstream parties are neglecting, is a sure recipe for success. 


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