Merkelator Remains Unstoppable In German Polls

on Jul 06, 2017 at 6:04 PM in Degradation, Politics, Society, Europe

Drawing limitless energy from the vast reserves of German cuckery implanted in the national psyche by the mass rape of its women in 1945, Angela Merkel is on course for yet another crushing victory in Germany's general election later this year.

The latest opinion poll shows that Merkel's act of allowing millions of young Middle Eastern males into the country, thus creating the "rapefugee" crisis, is now considered water under the bridge by most German voters.

The poll, conducted by the Emnid institute and published on Sunday (25th June), puts Merkel's Christian Democrats (CDU) and its Bavarian sister party the CSU 15 points ahead of their main opposition the Social Democrats (SPD). This is just three months ahead of the September 24th election.

The CDU and CSU are on 39%, with the SPD on 24%. The only option for nationalists, Alternative for Germany (AfD), which recently elected a lesbian leader, is scraping along on 8%, tied with the extremely left-wing Greens, and just behind the extreme Left (9%).

As recently as February the SPD had a narrow 33-32% lead after making Martin Schulz their leader, but the SPD, as a Centre Left party, is regarded as even more "cucky" than Merkel, even though it might actually be physically impossible for people in the Alt-Right to imagine levels of cuckery that high.

One thing is clear from all this: Forget Germany. Germany is not even Germany anymore. Hopefully one day Poland will invade it and create a civilized state on its dysgenic ruins.

It is now clear that Germany never recovered and never will.


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