Venezuela Now In Total Chaos: Police Helicopter Fires On Supreme Court, Interior Ministry

on Jul 06, 2017 at 9:01 PM in Politics, Society, South America

If I was Nicolas Maduro, I wouldn’t be concerning myself at this point with hanging on to power. I’d be concerning myself with how to not end up like Nicolae Caeucescu, dragged out into the streets by his finally liberated subjects and shot in the head.

When things get as bad as they’ve now gotten in Venezuela, there’s no way out of this for Maduro that results in his retaining power. Even if he could successfully mess with the country’s constitution to avoid elections and stay in power, he would only face even greater resistance from the populace, which is tired of not being able to get food, toilet paper and other basic necessities.

Hey! There’s that word: Resistance. The American left flatters itself with its own self-description. They don’t really resist the U.S. government even with Donald Trump at the head of it, because the fact of the matter is their life is pretty darn good here. You want to see real resistance? The situation in Caracas is beyond anything you can possibly imagine, and now it’s not even clear who’s attacking whom:

When explosions were heard Tuesday night in the Venezuelan capital of Caracas, it was unclear exactly what was happening and who was responsible for the attack. Details are still being sorted out.

Reports quote unidentified officials saying a rogue faction of Venezuela’s police department dropped grenades from a helicopter on the country’s Supreme Court. Other reports say men in a stolen police helicopter fired on Venezuela’s Supreme Court and Interior Ministry.

Here’s a video clip of the incident:


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