Editor-in-Chief of Hamburg Paper Sticks it to the “Insufferable” Donald Trump

on Jul 08, 2017 at 10:59 AM in Geopolitics, Degradation, Politics, Society, Europe

The Hamburg Morgenpost, which counts itself as “quality press”, shows once again just how degraded its journalists are from the top down. Back in November of last year, in line with a bunch of other “decent media”, the paper called US president Donald Trump a “horror clown”. And now just in time for the G20 summit and the arrival of Trump in Germany, the paper is handing out stickers today under the motto “stick one to Trump” [wordplay; “sticking one” means “bitch slap to the face”]. The paper asks everyone to put up the stickers everywhere in Hamburg, as many as possible.

Chief editor Frank Niggemeier (photo) justified the journalistic masterpiece in this way:

“What Trump personifies is the opposite of our values. As a human he is insufferable, as a president an absurd risk. Therefore, with this sticker we give to all people of Hamburg who agree with this the opportunity to display them prominently in the coming days in as many as possible places in our city.”

When criticized for his lack of “journalistic distance”, Niggemeier reacted just as arrogantly:

“Journalistic distance is absolutely appropriate in many cases. But in the face of his shameless lies, his limitless ignorance and his primitive craving for recognition, a clear stance is appropriate. Trump embodies everything that is the opposite of our own values… This is not a statement against the G20 summit, but it is a statement against the largest and most powerful G50 opponent of all — the climate-killer and refugee-fiend Trump.”

Such people are sitting at the helm of the brainwash facility for the people, and they pretend to be neutral reporters of news. It’s quite clear without a doubt who really is the primitive, ignorant and — most of all —incredibly overrated craver for validation around here.

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22763 Hamburg
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