Of Course the Turks Built Germany — What Other Explanation is Possible?

The following remarks were made a few days ago by Sigmar Gabriel, the Foreign Minister and Vice Chancellor of Germany.

Sigmar Gabriel: The Turks Built Germany

Our dearest Minister of Foreign Affairs Sigmar Gabriel (SPD) on Thursday defended his “hard-core” measures against Turkey via a press conference. Furthermore he gave us a booster lecture on the subject of “recent German history”. Since Thursday we now know who really rebuilt our country after WW2: The Turks rebuilt our country, and they are responsible for the cultural wealth in it. Thank you, Sigmar!

In front of a crowd from the press, Minister of Foreign Affairs Sigmar Gabriel (SPD) had words to say on the situation in Turkey and on the most recent arrests of German citizens in Erdogan’s Islamic paradise.

During the presser the former prospective teacher Gabriel defended his “hard-core” measures against Turkey. And since the press conference we now finally know just who is really responsible for the prospering economy and culture in our country. The SPD-functionary and darling of all those that haven’t lived here very long yet clarifies:

…because these people from Turkey, or their parents, of Turkish heritage, are very important for our country. They built this country, they are the co-creators of this country, they are co-responsible for the cultural wealth of this country, and they are an important part of German society. 

This leaves everybody just speechless and we can only say: Thank you, Sigmar, and thank you, Turkish Muslim horde of millions! Thank you!

Many people on Facebook don’t seem to take too kindly Gabriel’s statements, and they call the SPD man’s words what they really are: a disgrace.


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