Viktor Orbán: “A Country That Cannot Defend Its Border is Not a Country”

Border defense is a National Task

A country that cannot defend its border is not a country, said Prime Minister Viktor Orbán on Friday in a three-hour program on Kossuth radio.

The head of government said: every nation has its marshal’s baton in its own pocket, and any country that waits for Brussels deserves its fate. “A nation that cannot defend its interests is not a nation, or if it is still here today, it will disappear,” he said.

Viktor Orbán advocated a meaningful division of labor within the EU, according to his assessment that the [migrant] flood cannot be stopped in Brussels and if we are to conduct a good migration policy. “We do not need a common European asylum policy, and we do not need a common European asylum agency; it will only cause chaos, trouble and suffering,” he said.

According to his assessment, in Brussels, “paper-tasting” [bureaucratic, detached from reality — translator], passive proposals are being drafted, appearing in the mask of humane leadership, while hundreds of people drown at sea, and terrorist threats and anti-Semitism are growing in Europe.

As an example, he said that Hungary waited for three months for the European solution during the Balkan [migrant] flood, and then it closed its borders, changed the necessary laws, built the fence, and stopped the invasion. “I recommend this to everyone,” he said.

Regarding the letter from the Visegrad countries to the Italian Prime Minister, Italy has two options: either they “close the shop” or accept assistance. He said the Austrians and Germans had “had their fill” and if they closed the border, the migrants would be stuck there. He referred to Italy as one of the most important cradles of European culture, which is a key factor in the Mediterranean region, and there is a great need for a stable and strong country.

The PM also pointed out that the V4 expressed its willingness to join the German and Italian EPP ministers’ proposals to stop immigration in Libya. In the event that a government of a failed North African country does not ask for help from the EU, he said military action must be taken.

Viktor Orbán criticized the EU for supporting the NGO organizations that cooperate with human smugglers. The Italian press is full of evidence that organizations supported by George Soros work together to create a mixed-breed continent from Europe, he added.

The Prime Minister also reported on the visit of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to Budapest in the interview, which he described as of historic significance. He said the PM came to discuss how to cooperate with Hungary in the coming decades. “We have also found a key to the door,” he said, for example that Israeli high-tech companies will admit Hungarian engineers, students, developers who want to do advanced work in this industry and thus give access to state-of-the-art Israeli technology.

He described the visit of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi — also the common point of the Hungarian-Turkish Summit in Ankara — as the defense of Hungarian people and the construction of external defense lines.

These are key countries for the European Union, he said. If the terrorist actions leading to illegal migration cannot be curbed in the Middle East, if Turkey does not stop the migrants, if Egypt’s 100 million population begins to move and if Israel does not have the military force to step up regularly against the militant terrorist groups, then new and greater migration flows will begin to come to Europe.

The Prime Minister was also asked about his previous allegation of illiberal democracy concerning his upcoming speech on Saturday at Tusnádfürdő [Political open university event in a tiny little town. Two years ago he stated that Hungary will build an illiberal democracy. Last year he supported then-presidential candidate Donald Trump’s program. His upcoming speech is this Saturday, July 22 — translator]. In his opinion, one might think that a liberal counter-attack emerged from his words, but its significance he would not overestimate. It must be rejected that liberalism in Hungary means that if liberals do not win, there is no longer democracy. “We are the advocates of the illiberal approach, democracy is democracy, it does not have to have an adjective,” he said, calling it ridiculous when the liberal party is defeated, their first reflex is to state: democracy has ceased.

The prime minister also stated in the interview that there is no world-class event that the city of Budapest could not organize. The World Water Sports Championship (by FINA) is proof that this is the case, he evaluated, and explained: although hosting a football World Cup would not be reasonable, anything else that can be created as a community event in the modern world can be put forward with the Hungarian capital as host. “This is a great force, great knowledge and pride,” he said, pointing to his personal commitment to make Hungary a strong country.


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