Former German Cop: “Angela Merkel is the Worst Thing That Ever Happened to Germany and Europe”

Dear Federal Government,

I turn on the TV and I see “refugees”. I open up the newspaper and I read “refugees”. I go online and I see an ad banner in which the German economy is advertising for what? Right, for “refugees”. I walk through my home town and I see “refugees”. I drive my car and what do I see on the side of the road, walking in crowds? “Refugees”.

I have had enough.

What, really, have you done to us?

Who among us was asked if they wanted this all and called it good?

Who or what are you, even? You are our employees.

Not more and not less.

You are employed and temporarily legitimized to represent our interests.

Whereas we have reached the point: OUR interests!

Is it in the interest of the people that hundreds of millions have been given to Greece?

Is it in the interest of the people that millions of economic migrant “asylum seekers” walk through our open borders into our country?

Is it in the interest of the people that almost €100 million are used up for “refugees”?

Who do you really think you are?

If there were a people’s referendum, I am sure that up to 70% would vote against these “refugee policies”.

But of course you know that, and that’s why there are and will be no people’s referendum!

And then you spit on the people into their faces by raising child-benefits by €2?

Do you actually have no shame?

To me you are a collective of spineless and complacent subsidiaries.

You are a conglomerate of turncoats, opportunists and egoists.

But there’s one thing you are even more to me, more than anything else:

You have betrayed those for whom you have been elected and who have given you their trust.

Every single day you break your oath that you swore that you would be for the people, and protect them from harm.

You do not stand for your own people; you first and foremost stand for everything and everybody that’s not us.

The open borders are damaging our country and our population.

Women and children don’t feel safe anymore and become victims of attacks.

The countless millions [of euros] that are being used up for foreigners are like a fist in the face of everybody who lives here, has worked here and who would be the rightful recipient of that money.

You ridicule us every day and you want us to keep our mouths shut and to stand there and silently watch our own demise.

Your people sit in the press corps, in the broadcast committee, in the chief executive floors of the news stations and large newspapers, so that they can dispense RightThink according to you, for you.

This is how you sloganeer for your opinions, how you influence and suppress them.

Angela Merkel is the worst thing that happened to Germany and Europe, ever.

Sigmar Gabriel [Foreign Minister and Vice Chancellor], the “leaf” that blows to the left today and to the right tomorrow, however without a single gust of wind.

Heiko Maas [Minister of Justice], a man that wants to censor the internet and who possibly has lied to the Bundestag in the treason-affair against journalists.

Minister of the Interior De Maiziere, he who would love to operate completely different but who doesn’t dare to stand up to his “queen”.

Ursula von der Leyen [Minister of Defense]. What can I say?

Hermann Gröhe [Minister of Health]: Yeah that’s him, who like an abashed schoolboy watches how “Mutti” collects up the German flags and throw them off the stage.

Wolfgang Schäuble [Minister of Finance]: That’s the guy with the “incest-statement”. [See “Cross-Breeding With Morons”]

Peter Altmaier [Chief of Staff for the Chancellor]: Hahaha. Peter Altmaier!

These were just a few examples. But not to forget too, Horst Seehofer, the Bavarian territory prince who pretends to be conservative, all the while ending up being led around on a leash like a bear in a circus by Angela.

This is all? This is really all you have to offer? Not a one of you faces the “refugee crisis” or takes actions according to the will of the people.

Topic “refugees” is not a temporary topic, it is a topic that will change this country. And not for the better. On the contrary! We’re already experiencing the beginnings of this.

You want to hear my opinion, and I am uttering this opinion as a former police officer who for ten years has watched with his own eyes what really happens on the streets!:

Germany will never again be the Germany that we all know and that we all felt comfortable living in. It will become a different country. A country of social injustice, of inner tensions and turmoil. A country in which women and children cannot feel safe anymore and won’t be safe anymore.

A country whose progress, identity and a large part of its culture is being given up if this continues, in the way that this “government” launches and forces it with all thinkable ways and means.

And there is not a soul that can tell me that this “government” is acting in the interests of the people. You are merely the executive elements that are pursuing an entirely different agenda.

All that is of no interest to me however, because the only thing that I am interested is my country, the country that I live in and in which our children grow up.

On the internet site of the Federal Government it says “Integration that helps us all. Germany can do it.”

I, on the other hand, say this to you:

Remigration (deportation of economic migrants, religious fanatics, criminals and potential terrorists) that helps us all.

Germany can do that!

Not a part of the system!

Tim K.


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