The Fightback Begins: Heroic Anti-migrant Ship Enters The Med

on Jul 27, 2017 at 8:34 PM in Migration, Degradation, Politics, Society, Europe

C-star, a ship fitted out by an identitarian group to save Europe from "Camp of the Saints" style illegal immigration, has now entered the Mediterranean, after passing through the Suez Canal.

The ship belongs to the group Defend Europe, which is concerned about the illegal activities of certain NGO groups in facilitating illegal immigration into Europe.

Sadly it's quite easy to get migrants into Europe just by sticking to the rules, but pro-migrant NGOs, keen to flood Europe with low-IQ Africans, who will become a drain on welfare and push up crime, have been colluding with smugglers to increase the migrant flow.

People smugglers have been putting increasing numbers of migrants into ever flimsier boats in the knowledge that once they get beyond Libyan territorial waters (a mere 12 nautical miles), boats from the NGOs will pick up migrants and ferry them to Europe and a life on welfare. Sometimes boats from the NGOs have even entered Libyan territorial waters to pick up the next batch of unassimiliable migrants.

Rather than sinking migrant boats or interfering with so called "rescue work" by the NGOs, the C-Star aims to monitor the situation and reveal any abuses of the already too lenient rules. This will involve locating smuggling boats and passing the information to the Libyan coastguard to see if they can do their job by intercepting the smuggling boats, or publicizing their neglect to do so.

It will also involve keeping an eye on the NGOs and monitoring communications to look for patterns of collusion with the smugglers.

The ship, which ironically was chartered in the East African port of Djibouti, is believed to be heading for the Italian port of Catania, where many NGO rescue boats are based.

Based on data from the Italian Coast Guard, NGOs rescued a total of 46,795 migrants in 2016, many more than EU navies and coast guards. Despite the efforts of NGOs to ferry migrants across the Mediterranean as safely as possible, thousands have drowned. This is entirely due to the NGOs, whose presence encourages the smugglers to send out migrants in extremely overcrowded and unseaworthy vessels.

A statement on Defend Europe's websitesaid:
We need to stop the disastrous work of the NGOs in front of the Libyan coast. By ferrying migrants to Europe, they are costing us missions to make the human traffickers a fortune. By luring Africans into the sea they are endangering lives and abusing international maritime law. This madness needs to stop. We need to stop the boats to save Europe.
A spokesman for the group told a reporter from the Independent:
Our plan is to cooperate with the Libyan coastguard and support their efforts to control their waters, to overwatch and expose the NGOs, especially if they breach the new code of conduct by the Italian government.

Italian government, which is centre left, has been lenient on the migrant question in the belief that they will soon leave Italy and head for countries with more generous welfare systems. But there has been increasing push-back with other EU countries refusing to share the migrants flooding into Europe and, in the case of Austria, even threatening to send the army to close the border with Italy.

As Italy can no longer cope with the economic and social costs, they are gradually being pushed to a more anti-migrant stance, apparently much against their will.

The new code of conduct for NGOs, referred to above, would force NGO boats to allow police officers on board to immediately return them to port, rather than transferring migrants to other ships and then going back for more. Typically NGOs operate several smaller faster boasts which scour the sea looking for migrants, and then take any whom they find to a larger ship, which serves as a collection point.

The code would also ban rescuers from entering Libyan territorial waters, using lights to signal their location to smuggling boats, and communicating with smugglers by phone.

This is still pretty weak stuff, but if the economic, social, and political costs of allowing unrestricted African migration to Europe spiral, then who knows what they will be doing 5 or 10 years from now.


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