A Warning to Right-Wingers in Quebec City

on Jul 28, 2017 at 4:06 PM in Politics, Society, North America

A recent referendum on the establishment of a Muslim cemetery in Quebec City resulted in a win for the “No” vote — that is, the WAYCISTS.

The dhimmi mayor of the city has responded by warning the “right wing” that he is watching them, and will crack down on them hard if they step even an inch out of line.

Muslim cemetery in Saint-Apollinaire
Labeaume advises La Meute to keep quiet

The mayor of Quebec City counsels small groups like La Meute [The Pack] to keep quiet within the city limits because they are being watched.

“It’s extremely toxic. We are dealing here with the right wing, which tells itself scary stories and creates its “militias”. In any country where this happens, it has never resulted in a beautiful story,” commented Régis Labeaume, on the sidelines of the congress of the Network of Francophone and Francophile Cities of America.

Ideologically, I’m disgusted to see groups like that. I guarantee you they will have zero room for maneuver.

Le Devoir also reported on Tuesday that La Meute, which says it fights radical Islamism, was involved in the “No” victory camp in the referendum for the Muslim cemetery project in Saint Apollinaire.

The mayor fears the creation of militias that use weapons. 

We live in a society of laws. We do not need weapons. I advise them within the limits of the city of Quebec to remain very quiet. I will not accept that. I advise them to walk very straight and make no mistake.

He suggests that at the slightest illegal action they will be countered. Whether it is riot, illegal demonstrations or incitement to hatred. Though in the latter case, the mayor agrees that this can be complex since it must be proved. “I’m just waiting for them to make a badly cut mark in Quebec City. We will not give them a chance. “

The Quebec City has in its sights three groups that convey the identity of Québec. La Meute, Atalante and The Soldiers of Odin.

I asked the Quebec police to give me a report on this to understand the full picture.

These groups, which paraded in Quebec City, create fears concerning situations that don’t exist, according to the mayor. “It’s provocation. We must not create something that doesn’t exist in Quebec City. […] The problem is that there are nut cases that descend on the town.”

Radical Islamism is not present in Quebec City, and if it were, the authorities would know it because of their constant vigilance, says the mayor. He has repeatedly spoken out against radical Islamism himself.

The Minister of International Relations and Francophonie, Christine Saint-Pierre, is concerned about the propagation of a hate speech in the Saint-Apollinaire case. “Do not campaign on hate or fear of the other. If they (La Meute) have worked on the hatred of the other and the exclusion of the other, I find it a pity. Because it’s not Quebec. This is not the message that Quebec wants to send.”


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