An Islamic Mobster in a Konstanz Discotheque

As I’ve said repeatedly in the past, the structure and function of Islamic culture are indistinguishable from organized crime. Nothing a Muslim does to a non-Muslim is illegal under Islamic law, so the kuffar are available to be preyed upon with impunity. Furthermore, since Islamic scripture commands the faithful to slaughter the infidel in the name of Allah, violence is familiar and customary. Therefore, violent predation against non-Muslims is as natural as breathing. A Muslim is entitled by Islamic law to relieve the non-Muslim of his worldly goods, and if the victim happens to get killed in the process, that’s no problem — it means there’s one fewer kuffar in the world.

The religious aspect of Islam provides the ideological justification for such abhorrent behavior. The true believer not only gets to enrich himself and satisfy his lusts, he is actually righteouswhen he does so.

Thus it’s only natural that Muslim immigrant “youths” form predatory gangs when they arrive in Western cities. As their numbers expand, those gangs become sophisticated networks of organized crime that resemble the mafia — they’re the Islamic Mob.

Muslim gangs are also violent among themselves, with turf wars and clashes between tribal rivals. Islamic law forbids the killing of Muslims, but there’s a convenient loophole known as takfir — the declaration that another Muslim or group of Muslims has committed kufr, or unbelief. During their fierce turf wars and tribal conflicts, Muslims often invoke takfir to justify wiping out competitors among fellow Muslims.

Something like that may have happened in the city of Konstanz in Baden-Württemberg early this morning. But in any case, it doesn’t appear to be jihad in the usual sense.

1. Two dead, several injured at shooting in discotheque in Konstanz — at the moment no indications of a terrorist background

From Südkurier:

Cruel scenes in a discotheque in Konstanz. A 34-year-old opened fire with a weapon, according to police. A member of the security staff is dead, several people injured. The alleged perpetrator succumbed to his injuries in hospital after an exchange of fire with the police. His motive is unclear.

Again, a severe attack in a club in Konstanz takes a deadly toll. It was Sunday morning around 4:30 CET, when police received several emergency calls. A 34-year-old invaded the discotheque “Grey” with a weapon and went on a shooting spree. A security staffer was mortally wounded.

Three people are currently in hospital with partially grave injuries. The alleged perpetrator is dead, too. As recently as March, a young man had stabbed a 19-year-old dead in a Shisha-bar.

Perpetrator was known to police

Police confirm that the 34-year old alleged perpetrator is an Iraqi. He had been living in Germany since 2001, a well-informed source confirms to Südkurier. He had been living in Konstanz for more than 15 years, police confirm. He was not an asylum seeker. He was known to the police for several offenses, among others drug related crime, well informed circles tell Südkurier.

As witnesses describe to Südkurier, the man entered the discotheque from the parking lot with a rapid-fire weapon, killing a member of the security staff. In the discotheque, he fired shots and injured several people. Then he left the building, as police speaker Bernd Schmidt announces.

The 34-year-old ran in the direction of police so an exchange of fire took place. The officers hit the man; he died shortly thereafter in hospital. One policeman was also gravely injured, a joint press release by Prosecution and Police announces, but his life is not in danger.

Currently no indication of terrorist background

The guests fled from the discotheque in panic and took shelter, police announce.

It was initially unclear whether it was a single perpetrator or if the 34-year-old had accomplices. At this point in time, the investigators can rule this out; as police speaker Bernd Schmidt explains, the man was on his own. Police were there with a special task force, and a helicopter was searching the area for other possible perpetrators.

It remains unclear at this point why he invaded the discotheque with a weapon. Schmidt announces that at this point there are no indications of a terrorist background.

We think this brief clip probably shows the perpetrator wounded on the ground.

from Bild:

Iraqi (34) went on shooting spree in Konstanz

Did he get the weapon because security had kicked him out?

Policeman survived shot to his head as he was wearing a helmet. Man shot, three injured. Perpetrator killed in shootout with police.

By H. Stegmüller, S. Baumann and A. zu Castell-Rüdenhausen

Konstanz (Baden-Württemberg) — 4:30 Sunday morning, discotheque “Grey” in Konstanz. An Iraqi (34) invades the club, opens fire: One man dies, three people injured badly.

As Bild learned, the shooter had previously been causing a ruckus in the disco and got kicked out. It seems he did not want to put up with that …

The shooter of the discotheque in Konstanz returned with an assault weapon to the soon-to-be crime scene after a fight. The man shot down a member of the security staff at the entrance, according to Prosecution in Konstanz on Sunday.

The shooter, a convicted felon of Iraqi-Kurdish background, went to fetch an assault rifle after an argument in the club, and returned to the discotheque. The shooter was the son-in-law of the owner of the discotheque.


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