Westernity Matters

on Aug 02, 2017 at 12:00 PM in History, Politics, Society, Europe

Hey, all you new and promising votaries of this old religion! Converts wanted. This is why it is so: if you convert and start fighting for it, what happens —

Your grandchildren will be able to hear the bells of old and new churches our countries are full of; they will recall old wedding photographs in family albums and that divine smell of a mass in the local church.

Your grandchildren will be able to see Florence and Athens and Rome and Paris and admire the places where Dante, Petrarch, Rousseau and Da Vinci once wandered, loved and helped to build; they will feel a part of the culture so indelibly entrenched in our memes.

Your grandchildren will enjoy opening the best books of all times and imbibe what we as humanity created on our journey from difficult times towards the enlightened future.

Not converting to this oft-forgotten religion would mean that the same barbarians knocking on the door of ancient world of Athens and Rome are going to break our flabby defense and win.

Remember the dark ages between the end of Rome and the first glimmers of Renaissance? That’s when we lost Westernity for a while and what ensued: savage tribes fighting with each other, arts and letters dead, Charles at Tours trying to save what he could…

I call on you to convert to Westernity.

Westernity is a 35-century-old story of our march from the palaces of Knossos to Athens to Rome to Jerusalem to the Statue of Liberty in the New York harbor; from Homer to Socrates to Aristotle to Jesus to Paracelsus to Newton to Einstein to Sagan…

It’s a breathtaking epic of our ascent: every step bringing us higher and higher, as if some divinity were lifting us all each time we accomplish something transcending our petty lives.

We cannot afford to lose Westernity. If she is lost, all is lost.


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