The New Royal Family Of Socialism

What made America the greatest economic and social powerhouse in the world was the ability to work for what you want and to enjoy the fruit of that labor. It is called incentive.

Karl Marx loved to sit in coffee shops and whirl out plans for a government that he had no intention of living under. In his spare time he constructed a long, drawn out manifesto that was destined to become one of the choicest tools for a modern-day, bloodthirsty and pressed-for-time devil.

Among other things, Marx was a reporter for an American newspaper. And because he couldn’t make it in the real world of capitalism as a journalist, he dreamed of a government by which he could pull the real world down to his mediocrity.

Satan dearly loves Marx’s manifesto in that it provides false, Godless hope for the ignorant flailing masses. It envisions a world where no one has an advantage except the elite. No matter how hard “the proletariat” works, or whether it works at all, there will be one standard of living for everyone. It gives an entertaining sense of purpose and power for the hyper-caffeinated college student, upper echelon ‘community organizers’ and any other useful idiots who rally them.

The sharpest of the idiots become especially passionate ‘socialists’ when they finally open their eyes and see that there is a LOT of power and profit waiting for those at the top, who can rein all the lesser insightful in under a single banner.

Where socialism is not established, socialists of course villainize the country’s current antithetical leadership. They do that mostly because vilifying that leader is a perfect means of unifying the rabble that will help the most politically cunning ‘socialists’, to take power.

Socialism cares NOTHING about the welfare of the people, beyond providing whatever it will take to pacify them when the leadership is nested. Nevertheless, socialism’s success depends solely upon the groundlings because they are the crowbar that will get the jobs done in achieving their getting into that nest - and then staying there. 

Ask the citizens of Great Britain how they like socialized medicine. Ask the people of Venezuela how well socialism is working in their country.

Now that I am watching our 44th EX-president flying around the world, on our nickel, desperately promoting global socialism with the rest of his oligarch pals, I have to reflect upon how he got to where he is. The following narrative is at least a bit of how the trend he saddled and rode to the top got started ...

When I was in college, Richard Nixon was the perfect target in aiding 20th-century American ‘socialists’ to really get a foothold. From the standpoint of criminality, Nixon was a girl scout compared to the Clintons or Obamas. But he was not a pretty man, and as a businessman he was a genius - both of which counted as big strikes against him among socialist intelligentsia. I then, being the king of cool that I was, had to vote for George McGovern (mostly just to spite my parents).

I was one of the gullible, hyper-caffeinated college students who had been convinced we could undo the ‘harm’ our parents had done in two world wars and wasteful stuff like putting a man on the moon. I was not a socialist, per se. I was just one of the many millions of long-haired, lightheaded, well-meaning kids who believed that free love and the right combination of street pharmaceuticals could set the world aright.

Winston Churchill had it perfectly correct when he said, “If you are not a liberal at 20, you have no heart. (But) if you are not a conservative by 40, you have no brain.” Former conservative writer extraordinaire, George Will, also nailed it when he said that today’s emerging, voting generations simply don’t bother to read the minutes of what transpired before they showed up.

It was my pampered Woodstock generation that was the tipping point at which many Americans began to leave their brains at the door and be lulled to sleep by a droning tv and some really good music that put all sorts of messages into our heads. They were messages that were completely foreign to what had made our nation at least the most amazing and safest on earth.

Indeed it was the music of the 60s and 70s that was the hypnotizing lifeblood of an emerging Frankenstein - disguised as humanitarian social reform. That monster has since risen up, through us and our children, and is now tearing our nation (and world, really) to pieces.

For instance, the song, “Get Together”, written by Chet Powers, really captured my heart and the hearts of my wide-eyed, aspiring pacifist, hippie friends. I mean, I defy anyone to find anything wrong in the following words ...

Come on people now
Smile on your brother
Everybody get together
Try to love one another

Right on! But among the gullible hippies were darkly genius marketers, wolves dressed as fellow longhaired sheep, who silently watched and listened to the very same music. And when they saw its mind numbing effects on the sheep who carried placards and wove flowers into their hair, they thought to themselves, “I can use all this.” 

And, RIGHT NOW, because of those silent marketers - ‘socialists’ posing as hippies - we in the new ‘peace-loving’ and politically correct America are losing our freedom of speech. We have come unbelievably close to having our firearms taken from us. We have a Middle Eastern, murderous, dictatorial political power - disguised as a religion - metastasizing from coast to coast (whose advance socialists are absolutely helping in order to tear us down). And, at this moment, authentic Christian conservatism is dangerously close to going all dark on a very young internet.

And that internet is owned and run by the wolves who can see the true genius of Marx in his designing a government that none of them have any intention of ever living under - but a government that can deliver up to them all the power and every decadent luxury they ever dreamed of.

Just a couple centuries earlier our forefathers gifted our nation with liberties and a vision of an opportunity for a quality life for anyone who wanted to work for it. The clockwork-precision mechanism of our Constitution was unprecedented in world history. And, after only 200 years of working at that slowly materializing dream, the self-satisfied generations that sprang from today’s silver ponytails have been trained to take all of our richness for granted - with a strange refinement of spiteful arrogance.

While we were ‘smiling on our brothers,’ smoking pot and stuffing flowers into the barrels of our military’s rifles, we just weren’t ‘into’ maintaining the eternal vigilance that we were warned was required in order to keep our freedoms.

Now, as a result of our lazy negligence, when a tyrant government or its leader wants to silence the voice of their opposition, all they have to do is to declare it to be “hate speech,” and the argument is ended at peril of prosecution.

Our first and worst black, ‘socialist’ president - who spent approaching 90 millions of our tax dollars on his vacations alone - cubbyholed nine billion dollars for a free cell phone scam (rife with fraud and graft) as part of his bread-and-circuses program securing his dependent constituency’s affection. He bundled up $400 million on some skids, and quietly airlift that to turbaned maniacs who have sworn to atomize us and our allies. And the men who brought that to our attention are now popularly considered enemies of the state.

But Donald Trump can spend his time keeping the America-reviving promises he made to the voters who elected him for just that. And the ‘socialists’ invent groundless lies of collusion with Russians in order to villainize him and threaten his impeachment.

And all that I am saying here now evokes automatic laughter from the people who make up a shadow government and sycophants that can’t fast enough help drag that big wooden horse of empty promises - socialism - into our limping nation.

is little wonder that people like the Obamas, the Clintons, Justin Trudeau, Theresa May, Angela Merkel, Emmanuel Macron and the growing, elite group of emerging, ‘socialist’ kings and queens are all real tight buddies. And they all hate everything that Donald Trump is about because they are busy riding the backs of the ignorant flailing masses, the gullible, hyper-caffeinated college students and the upper echelon ‘community organizers’ and other useful idiots into Marx’s fantasy.

Those above-mentioned, sharpest idiots became especially passionate ‘socialists’ when they finally opened their eyes and saw that there is a LOT of power and profit waiting for those who can rein all the under-socialists in beneath a single banner. And it’s real easy to see that the deal they are making for all this has NOTHING to do with the lie Karl Marx promoted about ‘helping the people’.

The dreams they are pursuing happen to perfectly coincide with the modern-day, bloodthirsty and pressed-for-time devil who is using this evil machine to take down millions of deceived souls who are expecting help from selfish men posing as ‘socialists’. So he will gladly accommodate those poseurs for their unwitting assistance.

But in exchange for the empires they are now building for themselves, there will be hell to pay.  


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