Is The Swamp Winning After All?

The appointment of Robert Mueller III as special counsel is simply a desperate move by The Swamp to pre-empt action from Congress and the administration "to get to the bottom: of" - surveillance-gate; leak-gate; unmasking-gate; dossier-gate. Why don't we just put these elements that constitute a major part of the Nullify the November 8 Election Movement under this term: Swamp-gate.

Occam's Razor further instructs that when the Obama administration unleashed surveillance of the Trump presidential campaign, the perpetrators were confident that Hillary Clinton would be our next president and their infamous deeds would remain buried, known only to the colluding media who would never disclose their nefarious sources. Trump-Russia collusion was the story they fashioned to cover-up their own plot, the rigging of the 2016 presidential election.

Lo and behold, Trump got elected, and that Trump-Russia collusion story was immediately transformed into a strained explanation for Clinton's loss. The dismissal of FBI director James B. Comey, who apparently colluded with the team that cobbled the false Trump-Russia collusion claim, was seized upon by the denizens of The Swamp into getting another former FBI director, Robert Mueller III, named special counsel to serve the Nullify November 8 cause.

Meanwhile, ordinary Americans discern a huge hole in the All-the-Anti-Trump-News-All-the-time Media. The hole is where reports should be about the real scandals, including the illegal surveillance of American citizens and their unmasking, the source of funding for the phony anti-Trump dossier arranged by the shadowy Fusion GPS, and the huge national security scandal surrounding the IT staff from Pakistan given access to classified information via the House of Representatives computer network, including the House Intelligence Committee.

It likely is no coincidence the Mueller was reported to have convened a grand jury just when the machinations of Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and Ben Rhodes, and Samantha Power are beginning to unravel: This Daily Caller report on the curious behavior of Ms. Wasserman-Schultz apparently is inconsistent with The Swamp's anti-Trump aims - hence the refusal of the leftist media to focus on the Florida congressperson. The Nullify November 8 media also refuses, thus far, to take notice of developments concerning top Obama aide Ben Rhodes and former UN ambassador Samantha Power concerning illegal surveillance and unmasking of U.S. citizens.

The truth about Swamp-gate will continue to be buried by a media that is using the First Amendment as weapon to mortally wound our democratic institutions. (At The New York Times, for example, freedom of the press does not include appearance of any pro-Trump columns, or letters to the editor; and news reports are overwhelmingly hostile and insulting to the president.) For the Swamp's denizens, the purpose of American democracy is to serve those seeking, quoting Madison in Federalist No. 57, the "ambitious sacrifice of the many to the aggrandizement of the few." Mueller's grand jury proceedings are, essentially, a disinformation effort for the convenience of the Nullify November 8 media. The disinformation campaign has already raised, falsely, the cry that the rule of law must be protected from Trump.

The democracy-hating left has no more use for "the rule of law" than it does for constitutional government. The aggrandizing forces behind surveillance-gate, leak-gate, unmasking-gate, and Russia-gate have no respect for the rule of law. For them, the law is what they say it is. The most glaring example of The Swamp's disdain for the rule of law, of course, is its contempt for our immigration law - and its brazen use of "sanctuary cities" to defy Congress - that is to say, the will of the people - on immigration.

As the left rejects immigration law, it rejects the election of President Trump.

Madison, in Federalist 41, offered another sage observation. "A bad cause seldom fails to betray itself." Swamp-gate is a very bad cause, indeed. It represents a campaign by desperate people to destroy once and for all the American spirit of liberty.

Hamilton in Federalist No. 1 pointed out that history shows that liberty-loving republics are usually overthrown when politicians first pander to the people, starting out as demagogues, ending up as tyrants. The Democrats are doing their part to affirm Hamilton's insight that demagogues are tyrants-in-the-making. Sadly, when a Republican senator, North Carolina's Thom Tillis, appeared on ABC's "This Week," August 6, with a Democrat colleague, Chris Coons, in support of legislation to elevate Special Counsel Mueller above reasonable accountability, we have bipartisan collusion to make The Swamp, not America, great again.


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