Imam Quick on Jewish “Filth”

Back in February we posted about a religious establishment known as Masjid Toronto, in which multiple prayers were intoned to “purify Al-Aqsa Mosque from the filth of the Jews”. The subtitled videos of those prayers caused some controversy up there in the Frozen North, and various Muslims became upset. Some of the complainants asserted that the translation from the Arabic was not accurate; that the word used to described the Jews is not adequately glossed by the English word “filth”.

Well, we don’t have the same problem with Imam Quick — coincidentally also based in Toronto — who intones his prayers and declaims his sermons in English with a south-of-the-border accent. In this audio of a sermon, recorded back in 2012, you can hear the esteemed Prof. Dr. Quick refer to Jews as — you guessed it! — “filth”:

Sheikh Abdullah Hakim Quick is an African-American imam originally from the Boston area who exported himself from the benighted hinterlands of New England to greener pastures in Ontario. He now preaches and lectures in Toronto.


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