Czechia Files a Complaint Against EU Gun Regulations

on Aug 16, 2017 at 4:26 PM in Geopolitics, Weaponry, Politics, Society, Europe

In fact, the Czech Republic has filed two complaints, one directly against the European directive which makes unacceptable restrictions on the right to possess weapons, the other against the effects of this directive on European states, which are obliged to modify their national law by September 2018.

— Milan Chovanec, Minister of the Interior for the Czech Republic

“We are going to the Court of Justice of the European Union to ask for the abolition of this directive, possibly its suspension, or that an exception be introduced for certain member states and of course in particular for the Czech Republic,” said the Czech Interior Minister, Milan Chovanec.
“A punishment of the legitimate owners of weapons is unacceptable because the weapons legally confiscated and banned by the directive have no connection with terrorism,” Chovanec said. “Not only is this decision likely to destroy people’s trust in the EU,” he added, “but it could even have a negative impact on the internal security of the Czech Republic, because a large number of weapons could end up on the black market.”

Moreover, the Czech government relies heavily on the cooperation of legal holders of firearms in the event of an attack threatening the sovereignty of the Czech Republic, particularly in the event of a terrorist attack.

There are currently more than 800,000 weapons of all categories registered to 300,000 owners in the Czech Republic (population 10.6 million).


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