Carnage to Catalonia

Here we go again. Horrific photos of motionless bodies strewn like bloody rags across the pavement. Pixelated images of the dead. Huge blood-spatters on the paving stones. Shiny foil body-bags. A smashed-up vehicle abandoned on the sidewalk.

Later, no doubt, there will heaps of teddy bears and candles and flowers all along the 400-yard route of carnage.

And, despite the claim of responsibility by the Islamic State, I can guarantee you that this atrocity had nothing to do with Islam. Nothing whatsoever.

We’ve seen it so many times before — Nice, Berlin, London, Stockholm, and now Barcelona.

I was out most of the afternoon, so all I can do is provide a summary and list of sources. Late this afternoon at least three men in a rented van drove at high speed for a quarter of a mile down the sidewalk of a major shopping and dining street in Barcelona. At least thirteen people were killed and a hundred wounded. The driver fled on foot, and is still at large. The other two men were captured and are in custody.

The van was rented by one Driss Oukabir, a Spanish citizen who is reputedly of Moroccan origin.

Two other incidents — a house that exploded last night and a man who ran over two policemen — may be connected with today’s vehicular jihad.


From FouseSquawk:

El Pais says police have stopped a second attack in Cambrils, south of Barcelona. Five people wounded and four terrorists dead according to PRELIMINARY reports. This is the incident Fox is referring to.

El segundo atentado, en Cambrils (Tarragona), habría dejado dos heridos graves y tres leves, además de los terroristas abatidos. Informa la Cadena SER.

La policía catalana abate a los presuntos autores de un posible segundo atentado en Cambrils (Tarragona). “Trabajamos con la hipótesis de que los hechos de Cambrils responden a un atentado terrorista. Hemos abatido a los presuntos autores”.

Los heridos en el ataque de Cambrils han sido atropellados por los atacantes, que viajaban en una furgoneta. El tipo de atentado se parece mucho al cometido pocas horas antes en Barcelona.Tres de los cuatro atacantes de Cambrils habrían muerto, uno más estaría herido.


The second attack in Cambrils (Tarragona) left two critically wounded and three lightly (wounded), besides the four terrorists killed.

The Catalan police killed the presumed perpetrators of a possible second attack in Cambrils (Tarragona) We are working on the hypothesis that the acts of Cambrils are a terrorist attack. We have killed the presumed perpetrators.

The wounded in the Cambrils attack were run over by the attackers, who were driving in a van. The type of attack seems much like that committed a few hours earlier in Barcelona. Three of the four attackers in Cambrils were killed; another was wounded.


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