We’re Being Played

The clash between the alt-right and the hard left at last Saturday’s aborted “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville ended in what appeared to be a deliberate atrocity on 4th Street just below the Downtown Mall. One woman was killed, and nineteen others wounded when James Fields ran them down with his car. The reason for the car’s sudden acceleration is not yet clear, but the Antifa action with the baseball bat immediately prior to the incident does raise questions (see this post for more).

Given the speed at which the car was traveling, and the number of people on the street, there could have been far more casualties — we’re fortunate that there was only one fatality.

And the political feast has begun. For those who would make hay of the incident — the earnest politicos who never let a good crisis go to waste — the maneuvering and posturing began the moment the bodies of the victims impacted the pavement on 4th Street. Twitter was alive with shock and horror and finger-pointing by the usual suspects all Saturday afternoon and evening.

It’s well-known that the Communists and “anti-fascists” who hit the streets for events like this one are being organized and directed from a higher level. They’re put on buses, driven to the venue, handed signs and banners, and given an itinerary and general instructions on what to do. Some of them are paid a per-diem for their participation. They act as the foot soldiers — and in this case, the cannon fodder — for the regional and local affiliates of the Globalist Left. Their directors and manipulators are “community organizers” à la Barack Hussein Obama. The leaders are cynical, hardened acolytes of Saul Alinsky, dedicated to inflicting the maximum possible damage to the cultural infrastructure of the oppressive capitalist patriarchy.

That’s how those Antifa banners and hammer-and-sickle flags ended up marching down Market Street by the library Saturday morning. Violence was not an unfortunate byproduct of the resulting confrontation; it was the intended outcome (see the Z Blog for more).

The police were ordered to stand down and let the Yin and Yang come together to grapple their eternal combat at the entrance to Lee Park. Blood on faces, blood on the streets, blood on the hood of a car — that was the preferred outcome.

The chief of police was acting on orders from Michael Signer, the mayor of Charlottesville, who is the sort of lefty you’d expect to be elected mayor of Berkeley East. But the mayor himself was taking his cues from higher up the food chain, beyond even Terry McAuliffe, the current governor of the Commonwealth (and also a former DNC chair and former campaign manager for Bill Clinton).

The Left’s organizers and manipulators got exactly what they wanted on August 12. Immense damage was inflicted on the #UniteTheRight meme-brand. They got a photogenic martyr for the cause. They got an abominable extreme “right-winger” as a villain to be deplored, excoriated, and repudiated from now until the sun turns into a cinder. And they were handed a glorious opportunity to give President Trump yet another poke in the eye.

Yes, last Saturday was a red-letter day for the Left. But what about the Right? What were they doing there? How were they so easily manipulated into doing grave damage to their own cause?

That’s a harder question to answer…

Nowadays it’s difficult simply to describe the process of events, because one is required to denounce and repudiate one ideological faction and affirm the other. Plain, factual, neutrally-worded discussion is generally not permitted. If I don’t explicitly denounce badthink, why, then obviously I must be in favor of it!

However, for the following discussion, I’d like to step back and pretend that I don’t have any opinions about the various components of the #UniteTheRight coalition. They range from liberty-minded patriots through the “race realists” to the Ku Klux Klan and the neo-Nazis. They are a disparate bunch, and the only thing that they have in common is the decision to take a stand against the open warfare that has been declared against white people.

The advocates for uniting these groups would have done well to ask themselves whether it was really possible to “unite” them in any meaningful way. The neo-Nazis, with their black regalia and crypto-swastika logos, were carrying a banner prominently headed by the words “National Socialist Movement”. That’s SOCIALIST, mind you.

There is no way that Liberty and Socialism can do more than briefly and superficially cooperate within any political order.

And the KKK is a Progressive entity, for crying out loud! Back in the 1930s it was part of the Progressive movement, and a favorite of Margaret Sanger’s. Eugenics and racism were Progressive in those days — purifying the white race of its defective and degenerate elements was part of the plan for creating the Shining Socialist Future.

The KKK was also a close affiliate of the Democrat Party until Lyndon Johnson redrew the political map in the 1960s.

These little historical crumbs have been swept under the rug by the post-1945 Left. All those embarrassing facts have been conveniently forgotten by Modern Multicultural Progressives. Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia, and Progressives have always opposed Racism.

The Left can’t be expected to remember these things, but the Right would be foolish to forget them.

Given all of the above, why did those who were attempting to create a broad-based conservative coalition think it was a good idea to include neo-Nazis and the Klan?

The short answer is: They were played like a fiddle by the permanent government, a.k.a. the Deep State.

The following analysis consists of speculation mixed with a healthy dose of Occam’s Razor.

It’s possible to observe the underlying pattern in the course of events, and our task is to devise explanations for it without multiplying entities needlessly.

Here are some of the components of the pattern:

1. Infiltration of right-wing organizations. It is established practice for the FBI to infiltrate right-wing organizations — not to mention socialist groups such as the neo-Nazis. As we learned from the Malheur Wildlife Refuge trial, FBI plants are not only numerous, but often occupy leadership positions. They help guide the group’s policies and take part in planning actions.

It is the planted agent’s job to sow discord, encourage group fragmentation, and induce schisms. But agents also typically suggest action programs that will do the most harm to the group. Ideally, the organization will be discredited by such actions, its membership demoralized, and its leaders arrested.

The historical record from the 1960s shows that FBI plants were often involved at the top levels of revolutionary anti-war groups. Promoting violent action was part of their job description.

2. Antifa preparations for urban warfare. The “anti-fascists” came armed and equipped for street battles. Most of them were not from Charlottesville. I would bet money that Soros-funded organizations arranged the antifas’ attendance and paid their expenses. They were well-prepared.
3. The stand-down by police. Police officers assigned to downtown Charlottesville that day did not stand down of their own accord. They were under orders from the police chief, who in turn was under orders from the mayor. A mayor — even a Progressive Democrat — does not make that kind of decision unless there is a push for it from higher up in his party. In the event that the fallout from his decision causes him not to be re-elected, before he takes such a risky move he must have the assurance that his political career is safe.
4. The immediate and uniform response of the mainstream media. The news reports about the ramming reached fever pitch immediately. There was no delay. There were no confused and contradictory accounts trickling in (compare last Saturday’s process of reporting with, say, the media response to the fatal shooting of a white woman by a Somali police officer in Minneapolis). The rhetoric was uniform across all outlets, with almost identical headlines and topic sentences in early reports. The neo-Nazi element was hyped over and over again, and turned against President Trump with full force.
5. The lawsuit against the organizers. The driver and passenger in the car rammed by James Fields quickly sued him and all the organizations listed as participating in the #UniteTheRight rally. The lawsuit was filed with far greater rapidity than one would normally expect in such circumstances. It was as if there were a lawyer (or lawyers) on the scene in advance, ready for action and looking for clients. Perhaps on the payroll of a Soros affiliate…?
6. Get Trump. The focus in the aftermath of the ramming attack was to use it massively and relentlessly to do damage to Donald Trump.

There are other pieces of the puzzle that could be listed — such as the alleged previous association of the event’s permit-holder with the Occupy movement, and his support for Obama — as data points for this analysis, but I lack definitive data for them. Nevertheless, the pattern is clear, even without such additions.

It’s also possible that James Fields — a diagnosed schizophrenic — was encouraged or helped to go off his meds. It’s possible that he was urged to drive down 4th Street by some of his “friends” in Vanguard America.

But it’s also possible that his rampage on 4th Street was entirely his own idea, a deliberate attack on people he hated.

It does not matter which is true. The pattern is clear.

We conservatives are being played. Our organizations are infiltrated and manipulated. We are encouraged to act against our own best interests by operatives from what is commonly known as the Deep State.

Every time we fight among ourselves, we are doing the Deep State a favor.

Every time we consort with National Socialists or the I-hate-niggers-and-kikes-crowd, we are accomplishing the purposes of the Deep State.

Look at the manifest results of last weekend’s events in Charlottesville:

  • President Trump has taken a big hit, just so that the Klan and the Nazis could gather by torchlight.
  • Within six months all the Confederate monuments will be gone, even deep in the heart of Dixie.
  • And the Right is more fragmented than ever.

Do you think all that was an accident? Do you think that the minds behind the Charlottesville event were simply so stupid, and so clueless, and so short-sighted, that they allowed it all to happen?

Somebody wanted it to happen.

There were probably dozens of other James Fieldses who were groomed for the occasion. Marginal, disaffected loners with mental issues who could be easily manipulated and encouraged.

The specific action didn’t have to be planned or arranged. The battlefield was prepped, and one of the prepared pieces of ordnance was all but certain to detonate.

And one of them did.

So what is to be done?

For almost a decade I’ve been advocating for Counterjihad groups to form counterintelligence units within the structure of their organizations.

The first step in counterintelligence is to recognize that your group will be infiltrated — if it hasn’t been already.

Counterintelligence means a sustained effort to spot those infiltrators and either expel them or use them for your own purposes.

It means becoming aware of the dirty war that is being waged against you, and acting accordingly.

It means ceasing to be an amateur activist organization, and becoming a professional one (even if you have no significant funding).

Study the history of the KGB, which conducted the most successful counterintelligence operations in history — and probably still does, in its reincarnation as the FSB.

As your organization moves upwards in this line of work, it will enter the big leagues. You would be well-advised to improve your game accordingly.

Two appendices: First, an eyewitness account from Charlottesville by someone named Jacob Kachelhofer Tyler. I’m certain that he’s one of the people that I’m required to deplore and repudiate. Otherwise, I must surely support him, right?

I’m not certain of the original source; it may have been Facebook:

You want it straight? Here it is:

  • In response to the incessant attacks upon our heritage by the left, a conservative blogger and concerned American, Jason Kessler resolves to organize a rally for traditionalists across the Conservative spectrum to stand shoulder to shoulder in defense of our identity and right to exist as a people group.
  • Kessler secures a permit for lawful assembly at Lee Park, site of a monument to Robert E. Lee.
  • In short order, the city attempts to revoke the permit, denying hundreds of disenfranchised Americans their rights to freedom of speech and assembly.
  • The ACLU and Rutherford Institute file an injunction against the city which is upheld by a Federal Judge.
  • Charlottesville Mayor and City Council acquiesce and the rally commences on the appointed day.
  • Nationalist Front members from League of the South and Traditionalist Worker Party among many others line up and March to Lee Park, literally having to fight our way through throngs of Antifa and BLM bussed in from New York screaming obscenities, attacking with clubs and pepper spraying people at every opportunity.
  • Heavily militarized police funnel us into the park as we are surrounded by still larger commie hordes.
  • Our guys form up in shield walls to defend the park while preparations are made for the scheduled speakers to address attendees of the event. Police stand by and watch as we are relentlessly bombarded with all manner of projectiles ranging from deadly to disgusting. Everything from balloons filled with bleach and pepper spray to bottles of feces and urine to rocks and bricks. Other leftists were menacing us with baseball bats, a homemade flame thrower and even a bow and arrow.
  • Our guys held the line rather well, even while having to defend themselves, but things start going downhill as 100 or so cops in full riot gear and heavy armor form up behind us while another cop starts bull horning us that rally has been declared an “unlawful assembly” and that anyone who does not disperse will be arrested.
  • Police continue to ignore the actually violent leftist terrorists 100 feet away and literally begin to forcefully shove us into the rabid throngs who’ve been violently assaulting us. Numerous of our guys are attacked as they try to evacuate the park.
  • Our guys begin regrouping into smaller parties after basically being scattered all over the place and working our way to a new rally point in the “free speech zone”/park the city had originally tried to move the rally to.
  • As we are fighting our way out of the park, and to the new rally point Antifa and BLM continue assaulting our guys with wild abandon. Even the older men who were with us. Despite this, we tightened our formation and worked our way through them.
  • By the time we make it to a safe zone, we start hearing the Mayor has declared a state of emergency.
  • Our guys gradually get shuttled out and things begin to calm down.

Despite the chaos and confusion that ensued, some things are painfully obvious in all this:

The mayor, city council and police forces are guilty of gross negligence in the performance of their duty and of consorting and colluding with violent, left wing extremists and terrorists. Not only were they clearly ordered to stand down in the face of rampant criminality, but they attempted to instigate a riot by shoving our group into the throngs of Antifa.

They proceeded to allow Antifa to take over the park while pursuing our guys to the rally point and arresting several, even pursuing some of our guys to the parking garage and taunting and threatening them with arrest while allowing more Antifa to continue to attack.

The time between our arrival in the park and the SOE declaration was about 40 minutes.

Long story short: It was a set up folks. Plain and simple. We saw the police state up close and personal yesterday. And it wasn’t at the hands of the people having “Nazi!!!” shrieked and hissed at them. It was at the hands of the self proclaimed arbiters of love and tolerance.

This is what it looks like when freedom fails. And it ain’t pretty. Stay tuned for my full writeup on this for American Free Press.

Finally, a quote for the occasion. I’ve posted this poem before, but it’s worth excerpting again, because it’s relevant to what’s happening now.

From “Ghost Crabs”, by Ted Hughes:

These crabs own this world.
All night, around us or through us,
They stalk each other, they fasten on to each other,
They mount each other, they tear each other to pieces,
They utterly exhaust each other.
They are the powers of this world.
We are their bacteria,
Dying their lives and living their deaths.
dawn, they sidle back under the sea’s edge.
They are the turmoil of history, the convulsion
In the roots of blood, in the cycles of concurrence.
them, our cluttered countries are empty battleground.


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