Trump Was Right To Denounce The Anti-Fascist Action (aka Antifa) in the Charlottesville Riot

As a Jewish person, I denounce neo Nazis, KKK and white supremacists on the far extreme right. Especially those led by alt-Reich leaders Richard Spencer and David Duke in the most recent Charlottesville protest, turned violent riot. These neo Nazis, KKK racists and anti-Semites are an extreme fringe group with little political influence. Their leaders Spencer and Duke could not even be elected- dogcatchers. The more dangerous group is the antifa who also engaged in violent action in Charlottesville.

President Trump was right to call out and specifically denounce this vicious, anti-American, anti-democratic, anti-Semitic, violent extremist group on the far left.

Because to date the liberal press has shamefully turned a blind eye to these black-masked individuals.

The antifa did not come to peacefully protest the marching neo Nazis. Instead, they came armed and ready with chains, knives and bats to engage in violence, bullying and intimidation. They punched and beat up journalists who tried to cover them and film them. They punched, stabbed and threw urine and chemicals at the faces of the alt-right protesters.

Under the guise of fighting fascism and racism, the antifa came to attack Americans’ constitutional right to freedom of speech and assembly. Even if that speech is offensive.

This violent antifa has been trying to shut down democratic free speech and intimidate Trump’s supporters throughout the campaign and any conservative public speaker who did not follow their liberal progressive and ironically, fascistic, authoritarian line.

In June and July, 2016, the antifa attended Trump political rallies in San Jose and Sacramento and punched Trump supporters in the former event and stabbed Trump supporters in the latter rally. These Trump supporters were fair-minded, hard-working American citizens. They were not racists and KKK sympathizers.

When Trump won the election in November, 2016, black masked antifa cowards angrily smashed windows of retail stores in downtown Portland owned by small businessmen.

In February, 2017, these same antifa thugs, in advance of a public speech by conservative Milo Yiannopoulos, at UC Berkeley, threw Molotov cocktails, broke store windows downtown, set fires, punched people and forced UC Berkeley to call off the talk for security reasons.

In March, 2017, Middlebury College students, using antifa tactics, stopped a talk by conservative professor Charles Murray about the rise of white working class men and women. In the process, these thugs beat up Professor Allison Stanger, who was escorting Murray from the shut down talk.

In April, 2017, antifa threatened the Republican participants in a Portland, Oregon Rose parade . They accused these local politicians of being fascist and Nazi supporters of Trump. The organizers canceled the parade.

In none of the above events, did actual neo Nazis, KKK types or white supremacists participate.

Ironically, these left wing extremists deploy the same fascistic tactics they supposedly deplore. They try to break up meetings and silence opponents.

ANTIFA: Violent cancer to grow on the far left of the American body politic

To date this far left extremist and violent group has influenced and intimidated American liberal universities and the liberal media and some city councils. They are clearly more dangerous to American society.

The Democrats and the liberal media have turned a blind eye to these cancerous anti-American, anti-capitalist, anti-democratic and anti-police militants.

Trump was right to publicly expose these thugs on his bully pulpit to the American people. In the process, Trump publicly shamed the Democrats, the left and the clueless mainstream press who have allowed this violent cancer to grow on the far left of the American body politic.


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