Antifa Is Un-American

The week before Charlottesville, Liz Warren, the newest and biggest fraud from the left, came out against a more centrist Democratic Party. The N.Y. Times op-ed page had actually allowed some Democrat moderates to publish a piece pleading for moderation on the left, and Liz instantly struck back. She thereby outsmarted Hillary, and a lot of what is happening today is a fight between left and lefter in the party.

Charlottesville followed a week later, and Liz earned Antifa brownie points for pushing back against moderation.

But the trouble with turning hard left too many times is that you end up in the same place you started, as in the classical French observation that "les extrêmes se touchent" – roughly, "the extremes meet each other."

The left works hand in hand with the Ikhwan (the Muslim Brotherhood, which was founded in Hitler's time), and it's no surprise at all that CAIR (the U.S. front for the Brothers) immediately endorsed the leftist mob response to the murderous provocation battle in Charlottesville.

The Swastika is the perfect symbol for Antifa, because anyone with only a smidgen of history will recognize Antifa as another neurotic repetition of the worst moments in history. The people who pay for, recruit, and organize ruckus-makers teach radical street theater, and hey, if somebody gets killed, you just blame the innocent.

This is the whole purpose. Innocent people getting killed are a small price to pay for the glorious revolution, as Obama taught in his ACORN Alinsky trainings.

What is more un-American than calling for the assassination of our legally elected POTUS Trump? Wanting to kill a political enemy is the very definition of all the tyrannical war cults in history. Now that liberals have found their inner Stalinist again, they have become what they claim to hate. Calling for a presidential assassination is an open confession of totalitarian murder fantasies, the same nightmare fantasies that drove actual assassins – against JFK, against Pope John Paul II, against Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan, and against Abraham Lincoln.

What we are seeing today is not just talk of assassination. It has already resulted in a near fatal assault on Republican congressmen. It drove that mad young man in Charlottesville to panic, and in due course, we will find out what actually happened, through the court system. Only fools jump to instant conclusions, but then we are governed and preached at by fools every single day. Republicans have happily jumped into the public dirt pool along with all the other fools. Just keep track of who said what at this critical moment, and dig it out at election time.

These are dark, very dark signs of bad trouble to come, and there is no reasonable doubt that our jihadist enemies are working hand in hand with the likes of Antifa.

The Muslim Brotherhood is a Nazi-time network of violence-prone Muslim radicals, also called Salafists. Barack Hussein Obama, Code Pink, and Bill Ayers provoked the so-called Arab Spring rebellions at the start of the Obama years, including the Ikhwan in Egypt, all of them in alliance with other bad characters, including child-killing terrorists like Hamas, Hezb'allah, ISIS, al-Qaeda, and the rest.

Obama's Arab Spring fraud led to tens of thousands of deaths in Arab countries – a point very widely understood in places like Egypt. The methodology of the Arab Spring is identical to Antifa, because mob agitation is the same all over the world.

After the Arab Spring crashed into slaughter, Obama just laughed it up in his public appearances, but no sane observer doubts his lifelong links with the murderous left. He wrote about it in both autobiographies, and it will no doubt show up in his third autobiography that's now coming up.

The American Thinker has long pointed out massive evidence for direct collusion between the left and Muslim terrorism, because it's been plain for anybody with the guts to see it. We have not been the only ones to call them out, but you can easily search AT's archives to verify that.

The left has been quietly moving in the direction of civil war provocations for many years, but now leftists are confident enough to come out into the open. Trump is today's favorite hate target, although the history of Antifa and its Stalinist-Hitlerite ilk points to mass murder in the future if they succeed.

Four other presidents besides Trump have won office through the electoral college, a plain fact that even Antifascistas could find on the web. Indeed, the Electoral College was devised by the Founders for exactly the purpose of holding back the mobs. The Founders were deep students of human history and the dangerous swings between tyranny and mob violence were already described by Plato. It was well known to Jefferson and Madison. Today, you can see the resistance by normal Americans to Antifa violence as a gift from the Founders. They knew that this day would come, and they tried to build checks and balances.

Even Antifa thugs can read, sometimes, but their trouble goes much deeper: we have had eight years of a scofflaw president who openly despises the U.S. Constitution. So today, even the Antifa types who can read are taught to hold the greatest living Constitution in open contempt. This is the result of massive left-driven corruption in our education system, including Harvard Law School, which gave us Obama and Liz the Omnifraud. The truth is at your fingertips, if you only open your mind to it.

In a perverse way, Charlottesville could help the cause of constitutionalist conservatism. Why? Because the hard left is now finally dropping the mask of nonviolence and expressing its true Stalinist character. Conservatives should make a point of collecting all the hateful comments from the left these days. Keep them in a safe place, and when the time is right, remember who said what.

The enemy has ripped off its mask, and they can never take their words back. They are now on the permanent record, chiseled in hard rock, even as they rush about madly calling for statues of the past to be torn down.

Wars – even political wars – are miserable to endure. But they tend to clarify things, to separate good from evil, the sheep from the goats. Today, in Charlottesville and all over America, anti-American and un-American hatred is out of its cage. Every single public figure, including screen actors, who have shared their hatred for POTUS and therefore the U.S. Constitution, is un-American, because the U.S. Constitution is what makes this blessed land great.

Historians – honest ones, if there are any left – know that the American Constitution is a piece of extraordinary luck for all of us. The Constitution has kept this country safe for 230 years, as long as we have clung to its plainly written tenets.

Antifa hates the U.S. Constitution, and according to Obama, the Constitution grants only "negative rights." That's a code word for the freedoms the Constitution grants Americans.

But free speech ends when hateful types shout "fire" in a crowded theater, a long held and practical standard of acceptable conduct.

I'm sorry to say that rather decent people like Mitt Romney and Bush 41 and 43 instantly collapsed to the mob. So have scores of other public figures. Please remember them all, and keep their words on the public record. They are already trying to erase them from Google searches.

True conservatives, constitutionalists in the true sense of that word, people who believe in all the decent things, are the main wall of resistance to the left-fascists of Antifa. We elected Donald Trump, not because we confused him with a saint, the way Obama was packaged and marketed. By their actions ye shall know them, and by his actions, we recognize Trump's fundamental decency.

Let it also be said that Trump is a frail human being, that he makes mistakes, but that he also learns from them.

We did not expect a saint, but neither did we expect a scofflaw, like the leaders of the hard left. The biggest cowards rushed to the social media to denounce the evil Nazis and onetime front groups that deliberately triggered the street fighting in Charlottesville. These are pure Nazi-Stalinist tactics. The very word "Antifa" comes from the German term Antifaschismuss, and in Germany, political provocation has a long and bloody history. Also in France and Russia. In solidly democratic countries, the same tactics are constantly tried, but healthy societies resist them.

The fascist tactics were are seeing today are identical – really, truly identical – to the Hitlerite-Stalinist street fighting staged in the years before Hitler, to polarize Europe, leading directly to the longest period of mass killings in the last century. Even Mao Zedong only copied what the Hitler-Stalin-Lenin gangs had done in Europe.

All our political instincts should be ringing alarm bells today.

The radicalized media are stocked with cowards and colluders. Years of Soros-paid, neo-Stalinist infiltration have finally succeeded in blood on the streets of the Old South, and the left is reveling in its victory.

Assassinating the duly elected president of the United States is a pretty infallible sign of a fascist, totalitarian cult, which has chosen to violate the laws of the land. That is the crucial point. For normal Americans, people who call for violence to gain political power are un-American.

Now we have a clear test for who is a patriot and who is a dangerous hater.

The answer is obvious: if you hate this country so deeply that you are willing to see violence and murder, you do not belong in our political discourse. Period. Get out.

Now that liberals have rediscovered their inner Stalinist, they have to be exposed for what they are. Fortunately, they just outed themselves.

We now know who the enemy is, and we know who the cowards are. 


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