Stopping “Hate Speech” in Sweden

Sweden lacks the enormous resources provided by the Southern Poverty Law Center to fight “hate” in the USA. Nevertheless, the Swedes seem very resourceful in their efforts to shut down dissent.

On Monday the popular service Soundcloud closed — totally without warning — nearly all immigration-critical Swedish podcasts on their home page. The company refers diffusely to the fact that the users may have spread “hate” or “obscene” content.

Among the Swedish podcasts which have transmitted via Soundcloud and now have been shut down are “Motgift” (“Antidote”), “Ingrid och Conrad” (“Ingrid [Carlqvist] and Conrad”), “Vita pillret” (“The White Pill”) and “Sluggers”.

Also “Den kokta grodan” (“The boiled Frog”), led by the ex-SDU chairman Gustav Kasselstrand, has been blocked…


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