Strangled With Her Own Handbag Straps for Smoking in Front of a Mosque

A 72-year-old man was presented to the prosecutor’s office on Sunday. He was released but will soon be tried before the Criminal Court of Lyon for acts of violence with a weapon last Sunday morning.

On Rue Baraban in the 3rd Arrondissement, the septuagenarian had crossed paths with his victim, a 37-year-old woman. According to Progress, the latter had sheltered under the entrance hall of a mosque to light her cigarette in the shelter of the wind. A decision reprimanded by the old man, who continued on his way the first time after the apology of the woman, before finally coming back to strangle the smoker using the straps of her handbag.

On the verge of fainting, the victim was saved by the intervention of a passer-by, who put the aggressor to flight. The latter was finally arrested on a bus and immediately confessed to the facts. Investigators, however, dismissed the charge of attempted murder, despite the violence of the scene, and the deep marks still visible on the neck of the of the victim, who is in her thirties.


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