Transgender Reveals Self in Kindergarten Class

A transgender student revealed her true gender during a controversial sex ed session in a kindergarten class.

Parents outraged over the incident, which included a teacher reading transgender books to the class, flooded a school board meeting in Rocklin, California, which is just outside Sacramento.

"My daughter came home crying and shaking so afraid she could turn into a boy," one parent said.

The parents were particularly outraged that transgender training was left off the curriculum, but interestingly enough the school board claimed topics concerning transgenders don’t require prior parent approval.

"It's really about the parents being informed and involved and giving us the choice and rights of what's being introduced to our kids, and at what age," said another parent.

The books read to the class included “I am Jazz,” described as “the story of a transgender child based on the real-life experience of Jazz Jennings, who has become a spokesperson for transkids everywhere.”

The incident shouldn’t be shocking to long-term readers of

As we reported in 2009, a UN report on ‘International Guidelines on Sexuality Education’proposes desensitizing children as young as five to the concepts of masturbation and having an abortion.

And we also reported on a preschool teaching kids the terms “innersex” and “genderqueer.”

But none of this is accidential. In fact, the 1932 novel Brave New World revealed how the elites envisioned sexualizing young children over the coming decades.

“The society described in Brave New World is a world-state, in which war has been eliminated and where the first aim of the rulers is at all costs to keep their subjects from making trouble,” Huxley wrote in his later essay Brave New World Revisited. “This they achieve by (among other methods) legaliz­ing a degree of sexual freedom (made possible by the abolition of the family) that practically guarantees the Brave New Worlders against any form of destruc­tive (or creative) emotional tension.”
In 1984 the lust for power is satisfied by inflicting pain; in Brave New World, by inflicting a hardly less humiliating pleasure.

In other words, it’s a “soft dictatorship” in which the population is conditioned to accept authority without ever realizing it.


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