Culture Enrichers at Italian Resort Gang-Rape Polish Woman, Beat Up Husband

As many of our readers may have heard, over the weekend a young Polish woman was gang-raped and her husband beaten at the Adriatic resort of Rimini in Italy. The suspects the police are searching for are “dark-skinned” culture-enrichers, but in most media reports one would have to read far down in the news articles to discover that fact— if the swarthiness of the perpetrators were even mentioned at all.

Below are two Polish reports on what happened, and an Italian editorial about the incident. Many thanks to Ava Lon for both translations from the Polish.

Police are looking for perpetrators of violent assault on Poles in Rimini

Italian police are looking for four perpetrators of a brutal attack on two Polish tourists on the beach in Rimini, where a 26-year-old woman was raped and her husband beaten. The Italian press on Sunday is calling the attack on the Poles “bestial” and “inhuman”.

As the newspapers underline, the first findings based on victims’ accounts show that the attackers were probably young foreigners. The attack occurred on the night between Friday and Saturday.

The daily Corriere della Sera writes that perpetrators may have originated in North Africa.

The police are confident that this is a very brutal group that, as all the evidence indicates, and which was under the influence of drugs and alcohol. It turned out that after the attack on the tourists from Poland the group also attacked a transsexual from Peru. They abandoned him, wounded, by the side of the road.

The daily La Repubblica reports that the organized group of Polish tourists, with which the young couple had arrived, left to return to Poland.

The beaten man was discharged from the hospital and will testify.

His wounded wife, who is in shock, is still in the hospital. According to the rules of conduct in rape cases, the woman will also receive psychological support.

The Italian media quotes Rimini police chief Maurizio Improty, who said of the attackers: “They were acting with inhuman violence.” “I hope they will meet a nightmare now,” he added.

Local police have set up a special group to deal with this case.

A representative of the city government visited the victims of the attack in the hospital and offered them all the support and assistance, according to the press agency Ansa.

The follow-up report is from the conservative Catholic site The translator includes this background:

Polish law allows the government to demand extradition of perpetrators who commit crimes against Polish citizens abroad. This is why Polish investigators have already arrived in Italy. The Polish government (and public) want to judge and incarcerate them in Poland. They would face NO LESS than five years.

The translated article:

Husband of raped Polish woman: They were like beasts

The 26-year-old Polish woman attacked on a beach in Rimini was probably raped by drug-traffickers. As the Italian police say, investigations into this matter will be very difficult, because although the officers have surveillance recordings and fingerprints of perpetrators, they will have to look for them in the complex environment of immigrant criminals operating among thousands of tourists along the coastline of the Adriatic Sea.

After a while the woman’s husband, badly beaten himself, testified about the brutal rape. The man said that the two perpetrators had an “olive” complexion, the other two slightly lighter. They were speaking in broken English.

“I tried to understand what they wanted. When I realized what was going on, it was too late. I got hit in the face with a bottle,” said the Polish woman’s husband in a media interview.

“There were four of them, and they were like beasts. They beat me on the head until I lost consciousness,” he added.

[Polish] Justice Minister Zbigniew Ziobro expressed the hope that the perpetrators will be severely punished after this incident; Polish investigators have already been sent to Italy.

[Polish] Deputy Minister Patryk Jaki commented on this in even harsher terms, stating that perpetrators should be subjected to the death penalty and torture. In an emotional entry on Twitter he wrote:

“For #rimini there should be the death penalty for these bastards. Although for this particular case I would also bring back torture.”

For an Italian perspective, here is an editorial from Il Giornale. Many thanks to FouseSquawkfor the translation:

It is forbidden to say that the suspects are foreigners

Even in the face of the horror of a group rape against a girl, political correctness softens the blow.

by Alessandro Sallusti
August 28, 2017

Even in the face of the horror of a group rape against a girl, the politically correctness softens the blow. Rape is an infamous crime, regardless of who commits it.

But the point is: why not say who, or rather who is being sought as the alleged persons responsible, as is happening in the case of the girl raped on the beach of Rimini? Readers of most of yesterday’s daily newspapers and news broadcasts, which have also reserved a lot of room for the matter, do not know or have the slightest idea, reading between the lines, that the police are hunting for three Maghreb (North African) immigrants.

Will they be the guilty ones? We do not know, but the news is that investigators are looking for them. So why not say it? Why not give public opinion the identity of the possible killer, as in all cases of black chronicles since the (beginning) of time? We are confident that if the raped girl and her wounded partner reported being attacked by Italians instead of dark-skinned people, there would not have been all these precautions and silence. And the titles would have been more or less: “A gang of blonds rape a young tourist.”

Again, today no one knows the truth, but investigators know well who they are looking for; journalists know the track beaten by investigators, newspaper editors know well what journalists know. Everyone knows, but no one dares to say and write clearly. We are so concerned that immigrants, compared to us Italians, be not only protected by the system when they occupy a home, but also when they are suspected of raping a girl.

It is the damned virus with which the [Laura] Boldrinis [journalist and president of the Chamber of Deputies] and [Roberto] Savianos [journalist] have infected the country, a reverse racism that is even protected by the Order of Journalists, which investigates and punishes those who dare to vaccinate themselves, that is to call things by their own name.

I recently was under investigation for an article: “They try to kidnap a child, the police clean out a Roma (Gypsy) camp,” which faithfully reported the facts. I claim the freedom to inform you that the police, according to the facts from Rimini, are looking for three immigrants, which means nothing more and nothing less than what is happening in these hours. We will not be politically correct, but professional, yes. And that’s enough for us.


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