Cardinal Woelki: Good Christians Must Help Me Destroy European Civilization

Our old friend Cardinal Rainer “Man in the Boat” Woelki is back.

His Eminence is a cardinal in the Catholic Church (appointed by Pope Francis), the Archbishop of Cologne, and a high-minded member in good standing of the Gutmenschen. The great thing about being an archbishop in Modern Multicultural Germany is that you not only get to wear cool threads and hobnob with glittering celebrities, but you also get to promote the latest fashionable political trends with ample funding from the Vatican (see previous posts about Cardinal Woelki here, here, and here.

Cardinal Woelki’s most infamous stunt was to have a “refugee” boat hauled in from the Mediterranean to use as a prop at an outdoor altar when he was celebrating Mass in the square adjacent to Cologne Cathedral. He regularly hectors his flock with admonitions about their complicity in the suffering and death of all those poor, poor migrants who try to cross the Mediterranean in search of a better life in the fleshpots of Europe.

In his latest video, the archbishop puts on a life vest as a “stole” and uses a famous landmark bridge as a prop to once again berate German Catholics about their guilt in not helping those “refugees” and not making sure that all of them — every last thieving-and-raping one of them — is able to make it to the land of Milk and Honey and Welfare in Germany.

Make no mistake about it: despite his costume and his sonorous sermons, Cardinal Rainer Woelki is not a servant of our Lord Jesus Christ. His mission is not to administer the sacraments and feed his flock, but to help the political establishment bring about a borderless Brave New World Order in Europe. The fact that, assuming he is successful in his hectoring, the Church in Europe will be utterly destroyed is of no significance to him. The destruction of European Civilization and the elimination of Christianity are such trivial matters in comparison with the glory of ushering in the Multicultural Millennium in the continent formerly known as Europe.


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