The Trial of Hussein Khavari Becomes Even More Sordid

The latest news on the trial of Hussein Khavari, the accused murderer of Maria L. in Freiburg, reveals even more sordid details about what happened the night he raped and murdered his victim: it seems that young Mr. Khavari is not averse to necrophilia.

And he may not be all that unusual in the Muslim world, because sex with corpses is not completely prohibited under Islamic law. Like so many other grotesqueries, necrophilia is strictly regulated under the Shariah, but it is not forbidden. (I’ve read the hadith on this topic, but I can’t recall the exact citations; perhaps some of our readers know them).

The two videos below and the accompanying article summarize the defendant’s testimony in court. 

Below is the accompanying article, also translated by Nash:

Murder case Maria: “Sex with a dead woman” wasn’t a problem — Hussein K. apologizes to victim’s family

The murder trial continues: today on day two of the trial the offender himself speaks about the murder.

Monday, September 11th, 2017, 2nd day of court trial: Since the accused murderer was “too tired” to testify about the murder last Tuesday, the hearing of the accused murderer has been set for day two of a total of 16 days of trial. The Freiburg County Court reported:

“Insofar as this part of the trial can be closed midmorning, the afternoon can be spent with examining the evidence, until Wednesday, September 13th, 2017.” (Freiburg County Court)

Second day: Hussein K. speaks

The accused entered the courtroom with shackles on hands and feet at 9:05am. First he read out loud a letter of apology, and he asked the family of the murdered Maria Ladenburger for forgiveness, Focus reports.

“I wish I could undo everything. What I have done, I am deeply sad about that from the bottom of my heart.” (Hussein K.)

Then he went on to recount the events of the night of the murder:

He had been drinking with three friends and he had smoked hashish. Because he was extremely drunk, he was thrown out of the bar. At some time after that, he was on his way home. At the [river] Dreisam, the girl on her bicycle approached him.

He kicked against the bicycle, which caused the girl to fall off. She screamed. He held her mouth shut. Then he strangled her with her shawl until she was unconscious.

“When I saw how pretty she was, I wanted to have sex with her.” (Hussein K.)

Apparently he thought that he had already strangled her to death. The judge questioned him concerning “sex with a dead girl,” and the offender said:

“It didn’t bother me to have sex with a dead girl.” (Hussein K.)

According to his testimony he was too drunk to achieve an erection, so he inserted his hand. Since he had a previous injury from a bicycle accident, he pulled her into the river to wash his blood from her body. There he left her and fled.

This is what the prosecution has to say

“Grievous rape and malicious murder,” the Freiburg chief prosecutor Eckart Berger calls it as he starts his indictment against the assumed 19-year-old Afghani Hussein Khavari, in the murder of Maria Ladenburger:

In the early morning hours of Sunday, October 16th, 2016, the 19-year-old Freiburg student of medicine Maria Ladenburger came upon the accused Afghan refugee Hussein K. (19?), on her way home from a student party.

The Badische Zeitung reported Eckart Berger as saying that Khavari had pulled the girl from her bicycle at the trail along the shore of the river Dreisam, behind the Northside terrace of the Schwarzwald Stadium; he then pressed her mouth shut and he strangled her.

He then dragged her to the darker, unlighted part of a grass verge along the shore of the river, and he pulled her clothes off over her head. Then he bit the girl — among other places — in her cheek, her breast, and her lower abdomen. According to the Stuttgart Zeitung, Eckart said that the girl lost consciousness during this severe abuse.

After this he raped her and then he dragged her to the river. He placed her over a raspberry bush, head first into the water, and left her to die. She drowned without ever regaining consciousness, Chief Prosecutor Berger said.

The trial will be continued on Wednesday, September 13th.

What happened during the first day of trial?

The defense requested that the public be shut out during the testimony of the accused about his flight (from Afghanistan), details of his life in a Koran school and his sex life, in order to “protect his privacy,” said the judge.

The court decided that the public would “only” be shut out during this particular testimony.

Furthermore, the offender said that he was 19 years old, and therefore not a minor anymore, according to his initial statements when he came to Germany. The prosecution, however, begins with the premise that Khavari’s age is at least 22. And even concerning his identity as being from Afghanistan, there is no clear evidence, since there exist no papers.

Protests in front of court house

On the first day of trial, Tuesday, September 5th, 2017, groups of various political alignments gathered in front of the court house.

Here stood the “Junge Alternative (Youth Alternative)”, a youth organization of the AfD, with their banner “Protecting borders — Saving lives!”, demanding a trial according to adult criminal law.

And there stood about twice as many probably left-oriented anti-AfD protesters who chanted:

“AfD — pack of racists, You make us puke!”

One protester averred that she stood here to protest against the exploitation of the tragic murder of a young woman, against right wing hate and also against anti-feminist hate.


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