When Islamic ‘Occupation Of Europe’ Becomes A Reality

Allow me to paraphrase a statement made by the late Elie Wiesel. While it’s true, he said, that not all the Germans murdered Jews—all the victims were Jewish. While it’s true that not all the Muslims are jihadists or terrorists, all (or at least an overwhelming majority of) the victims of the killing sprees across Europe are Christians (the Jews have not been a target so far, but rather a “by product”—random victims).

In the Middle East, terror organizations have been fighting each other—and Israel—for years, but this is only the situation in our region. What is the goal of the different jihadist organizations—the Islamic State, al-Qaeda and their likes—concerning Europe? To return to a situation that existed in the not-so-distant past in a number of countries in Europe, following the Ottoman Empire’s occupation expeditions. In other words, their declared aspiration is an Islamization of Europe and an elimination of “the heretics.”

Scene of recent terror attack in Barcelona. There is no, and never will be, justification for terrorism—and to hell with political correctness

But Islam doesn't necessarily need murderous terror attacks to take over the continent. Any intelligent person understands that if Western European countries fail to wake up soon, they may find out within several decades—or maybe even by the end of the century—that the Muslims have become a majority in the population. Not only is the natural growth among Muslims much higher (some say 10 times higher) than the natural growth of any other group in the population, but huge waves of immigration from Islamic countries in Africa and the Middle East keep flooding the continent. If this immigration continues, the portend of “an occupation of Europe” will turn into a reality.

Let’s take Britain, for example. Islam is today the second biggest religion in the country, every third child who is born there is given the name “Muhammad” in its different variations, and the Muslim communities in its main cities are only growing. Some of them have Muslim quarters that are essentially run as autonomies.Many of the millions of Muslims living in the kingdom are second- and third-generation immigrants from countries that used to live under the rule of the “Empire” and whose residents automatically received a British citizenship. For example, the parents of Sadiq Khan, London’s Muslim mayor, arrived in Britain from Pakistan in the 1960s. Khan is an example of a successful integration, but he is not the exception that proves the rule. By the way, in a survey conducted about a year ago only 44 percent of London’s residents described themselves as “white British.”Statements, protest marches or attempts to engage in a dialogue with imams will do no good when it comes to terror. The only thing that will work in this case are drastic measures making it possible to thwart attacks before they take place, even if they involve a violation of what the West refers to as “human rights.” Instead of “neutralizing” terrorists and prosecuting them after they carry out an attack, doing everything—and at all costs—to prevent the execution of a terror attack.Hundreds of British Muslims who fought on behalf of ISIS in Syria and Iraq have returned to Britain recently. They are “ticking bombs” in their country. As someone who has been closely following the situation in Europe for years, I have often encountered explanations from different “experts” trying to find “extenuating circumstances” for the “internal” terrorists’ motives—from “cultural maladjustment” through “integration problems” to different mental difficulties. They have apparently failed to comprehend that there is no, and never will be, justification for terrorism—and to hell with political correctness.


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