Globalism, The End of History

The object of this study is the condition of knowledge in the formerly most highly developed societies. Since time immemorial the utmost aspirations of human societies have followed a certain changing course, just as a single person finds his or her desires altered by growth and aging. This course, roughly sketched out, sees tribal societies seeking their survival, become sectarian societies seeking their unification, and finally become civil societies longing to be free. The development of human societies has never continued beyond this point, exemplified by the West, and due to the emergence of modern corporations in the late 19th Century and the distinct trajectory they follow, human society as an organic development is halted once and for all. Because we are discussing the possibility of human freedom, it becomes necessary to distinguish between the pre-modern epoch, where genuine autonomy was possible, and the modern epoch wherein it is not. On the centre stage have been two main actors – civil society and the corporation –two competing organisations, two origins and two destinations towards which human-beings are crashing through Time. Despite the confusion, the concern and the effort made on many fronts by those familiar with the red-pill, I will outline the major reasons why the black-pill might in fact be needed en masse.

1. Corporate expansionism has been a complete success. We are for now tracing unseen steps down an unknown path better known as Globalism; a mystery but not a mystery at all. For we have to observe most of Africa, Asia and South America – save a few elite financial and bureaucratic centres – to show us the end-point of nations and peoples under the corporate world vision. I call this state, where a nation or mass of people arrive at insurmountable poverty, debt, disorganization and corruption, the state of non-possibility, that is complete stultification and insignificance on the world stage. This is where a human society has broken away from the natural pattern of consciousness development alluded to earlier (due to globalism or its effects) but a society that has also been drained and discarded in the parallel but equally predictable course of global corporate expansion. Think East and West Africa, Central America, former Mesopotamia and Middle East – these peoples have now lost their traditional form as well as direction. Because human history is the history of groups, the dissolution of the nation/state unavoidably spells the end of “human history” per se and the beginning of something else, perhaps the triumph of corporate history. Indeed corporate expansion has disrupted the normal (cyclical) progress of history and involved human societies and peoples in its parallel development led by nobility turned technocrats. It is a given that the natural development of history cannot resume unless these higher powers and global principalities meet their demise. The global-corporate-project can be best defined as a systematic transformation of the pre-modern, pre-industrial world into one where corporations and similar supranational agencies make up the political, cultural, economic and technological arbiters for the entirety of mankind, progressively replacing clan, nation, and God as determining forces on planet earth. I refer to this project not merely as Globalism but as Corporate Expansionism because there would be no globalism, global economy, no EU or UN, had there first not been corporations. It is an all-encompassing vision. The immense and undeniable success of this project has relied upon the boldness, insight and efficiency of an elite ruthlessly committed to their vision of modernity. As well as this, the self-fulfilling prophecy that this adverse trend was always “inevitable” for humankind has been an indispensable falsehood, still in effect today, almost complete in clearing the way for non-possibility to engulf even once outstanding Western countries. Globalism –the corporate ideology, not trade between nations –has been anything but inevitable. However, it is now highly unlikely that nations and peoples will realize their entrapment quickly enough to topple the socio-economic totems that have been built on top them.

2. Human values have been replaced by corporate values. As explained earlier, survival, unification and freedom make up the various aspirations which under normal conditions pre-occupy the human mind. Thanks to the unrivalled advertising expenditure and half a century invested in priming the young for “global citizenship”, “the AI-Mass surveillance state” and the “consumer economy”, the average Westerner either has next to no reality or identifies strongly with their elite and some collectivist-technetronic vision of the future. Watch the average teen or graduate show complete bovine obliviousness and even support for the entities and ideas that have decimated their social and economic prospects. Achieving a common faith in globalism, secularism and collectivism has been a bi-project without which corporate expansionism would have been far less widespread – had we not believed in it too. Put simply, our total lack of any ideas, traditions or attitudes that might curtail or at least impede corporate expansionism is evidenced by gargantuan corporations and floundering nations, by bold elites and crumbling households. A true commitment to heritage (intellectual, cultural, constitutional), to family, order and a genuine belief in the eternal sovereignty of a virtuous divinity would have snuffed out corporatism when it was young and still needed nations to prop it up. Instead Westerners have forsaken the old Gods for mortal ones that can actually kill you, enslave you, abduct you, surveil you, poison you, drive you insane, starve you, destroy your mind and body, making your life a true living hell. Today there are unfortunate hoards of 18-38 year olds under a strong impression that secularism, globalism, collectivism and associated attitudes form part of some “progress”. Meanwhile these anti-ideals are merely a soul-crushing lubricant preparing the way for total corporate domination of modernity. I call them de-valuing ideologies because their function is to devalue, distort and distract from all things non-corporate and non-state related. They strip away; make weak, faithless, stupid, dysfunctional populations entirely dependent on government and private enterprise for direction and truth.

3. Corporations have replaced God. In a very material sense corporate entities hold obscene and unprecedented authority over the fates of modern humans. The problem however, is as physical as it is metaphysical for the reason that God only ever posed a workable kind of psychic threat to human beings. The corporate-global-mechanism however, presents a very real constraint to human happiness, free will and again, the progress of history. The entire globe is ensnared in this stagnant and stifling world order – we’re under the thumb –constantly aware that certain entities cannot be reigned in, certain offenders cannot be tried or imprisoned, certain businesses, banks and cabals will never go away no matter how clearly bankrupt they seem to be. This is a vision of true spiritual slavery, not possible until the “final authority” over humanity became human. It is evident now that perhaps one of the primary reasons we evolved with a God was to ensure that our aspirations never became carnal and remained far out of human reach. To guarantee that the divine would always remain something endless, immaterial and perfect in order for all humans to struggle equally towards that divinity and away from pure domination of the physical world – in a roundabout way. Consciousness knows itself and therefore has learned to create many circuits – many methods to avoid madness –but it is too late for us to appreciate the human mind now that we’ve eschewed the human soul. Within the context of previous civilizations, the dissolution of a dominant entity – be it clan, kingdom or empire – was a very real and constant threat. Because the power totem went no higher than these regional authority structures, once they collapsed or were overtaken by another power, the entire region and indeed the whole world could seem plunged into darkness and disarray. But it was this plunge that signified freedom incarnate as the material possibility of the destruction of all human-built structures. Freedom was God over Hubris and we know this because the demise of one civilization never hampered the ascent of another neither did it spell death or doom for human growth, passion or productive capability. Now that there is a real, material authority that supersedes nations we can assume that there will be no more rise and fall of peoples, no more decay followed by rejuvenation, no further chance to try out what we learn as a species. Until the global principalities are abolished, humankind is at a standstill.

4. The end phase of Globalism is the Third-World, worldwide. If more people understood that corporations are in competition with the nation state, modern history would make far more sense. To understand history is merely to understand the various trends and cycles in which we as human beings find ourselves; the historian relies upon recognition of two supreme categories – the predictable and the unpredictable. With this in mind we should note both the social and economic trend(s) which suggest(s) beyond much doubt the actual nature of globalism and more specifically its implication for the world of societies. There are at least six measurable factors which confirm the West’s increasing resemblance to the Third World. These are: (a decrease in) knowledgeableness and skill, (an increase in) disorder, corruption, poverty and debt. As history shows us clearly, societies never go “backwards”, they are either ascending or declining as the West is today. No one realistically denies the general erosion of our intellectual, political, social, mental, emotional, industrial and spiritual life. The implication of this downward trend is that if Globalism is allowed to continue as it has since the Industrial Revolution; the once advanced Western societies which produced it will collapse into a state of non-possibility. Once techno-corporate expansion has completely eroded even Western societies and peoples, the most attractive nation will finally be reduced to just another place to escape. The desire to immigrate will become unbearable. But there will be nowhere to immigrate to, because human societies will never be re-built. At that time the corporate project will have taken precedence over the world of societies, eclipsing the nation-state along with any meaningful understanding of the human story.

As we cross the threshold into non-possibility, where we will join irrecoverably with the powerless peoples of the Third World. Let us remember that we were warned. 


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