Miranda Horvarth and the Trillion Dollar Feminist Abuse Industry

There are some within the small number of voices speaking out against the current sex abuse hysteria that steadfastly refuse to blame feminists for what is going on. Here’s a tip. Next time you read one of the Soviet style ‘shocking new abuse study reveals..’ propaganda stories that are appearing sometimes twice daily on the BBC, just take a couple of minutes to Google information about the author of the study.

Today the BBC reported that ‘children in families are unprotected from abuse’ according to yet another new piece of research.

The study has already triggered a two year inquiry into ‘abuse within the family’ :

“Alarming gaps” in knowledge about abuse within families mean “substantial numbers” of children are not adequately protected, England’s deputy children’s commissioner Sue Berelowitz has said.

Her warning comes as a report based on an analysis of 57,226 research studies into child sexual abuse is published.

The Office of the Children’s Commissioner has launched an inquiry into how best to tackle the problem.

The two-year inquiry will look at sexual abuse within the family….

Report author, Dr Miranda Horvath, said: “Child victim-survivors’ voices and first-hand experiences were absent from the vast majority of the research we reviewed for this rapid evidence assessment.

“It is imperative that future research and the work of the inquiry brings these to the fore using ethical but innovative methods, with the well-being of the child at the centre.

“At the same time, we need to know more about programmes that are focused on preventing family-based child sexual abuse before it occurs, in order to take a preventative rather than reactive approach.”

So who is this Miranda Horvarth who is heading a government inquiry looking at ways of magically preventing ‘sexual abuse within families’ before it even occurs?

A quick Google search reveals her academic research interests

“My research focuses on sexual violence from an applied social psychological perspective. My work is informed by a variety of social psychological constructs such as; script theory, sex roles, group processes and negotiative space alongside feminist theory. I also maintain a focus on the broader cultural context in which sexual violence occurs. I have three main strands of research currently: Multiple Perpetrator Rape; the links between men’s use of lads mags, their attitudes towards women and paying for sex; the investigation and prosecution of rape.”

This particular study was funded by the UK government :

2014- Assessing the evidence base in relation to intrafamilial child sexual abuse (CSA): A rapid evidence assessment. Funded by the Office of the Children’s Commissioner. Forensic Psychological Services with the Centre for Abuse & Trauma Studies, Middlesex University.

The government, left-wing or right-wing, gives millions of pounds to feminists to engage in junk science interpreting child sexual abuse through feminist theory, in this case within the family and with the intention of justifying government intervention into the lives of families before any abuse has even occured.

I previously revealed that almost the entire research staff of the NSPCC, the largest ‘child protection’ society in the UK, are radical feminists :

And for the utter sub IQ 50 and genuine evil and treacherous strategy of validating feminist abuse hysteria that the MHRM is adopting :


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