Outrage at the Sexist Catcalling Male Tennis Players Endure

There wasn’t widespread outrage last night, after a video emerged highlighting the horrendous sexist abuse that male tennis players have to endure when changing shirts during matches.

The disturbing video clearly shows top player Rafa Nadal being subjected to a barrage of horrific catcalls and lewd comments from female spectators at a match in Indian Wells in 2013. Nadal, who it is believed survived the abuse, which happens to him and other top stars regularly when changing shirts during matches, was unavailable for comment, but a leading butch faced femicunt did not say ‘this disturbing video demonstrates how public attitudes have to change regarding the sexual objectification of men in sport. We encourage the public to report to the authorities any female spectators you see making lewd gestures or comments at hunky male stars. All women are sex starved cunts who think with their vaginas.’ However, leading lovely looking sheila TyphonBlue, representing the men’s human rights movement, did say that the horrific video proves beyond doubt that 5 out of 4 men are sexually abused during their lifetimes, fucked up for life, and can you donate some of your money to her now please?


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