Rothschilds and Trump. Part 2. Planning financial Pyramid's reboot. Theorem №2. No one is responsible for anything.

Article №1 about Trump and Rothschilds.

In February 2016 Trump addressing electorate made himself clear that when he becomes President he will conduct an audit of Federal Reserve System. This was a revelation for the majority of Americans: they thought that FED is a governmental organization.

The funny thing is that the Federal Reserve is not even part of the federal government. It is an independent private central bank that was designed by very powerful Wall Street interests a little over 100 years ago. It is at the heart of the debt-based financial system which is eating away at America like cancer, and it has no direct accountability to the American people whatsoever.”

On February 23, 2016 Trump officially encouraged to audit Fed Reserve because he finds “the bubble” is critically huge which threatens to collapse USA economy. Doing him justice, even before he became a presidential candidate he relentlessly criticized this organization(for example, he gave 'Bloomberg' theshocking interview).

That's true, FED officials or federal bank owners can't be held responsible for financial pyramid collapsing. Federal Reserve System doesn't meet State obligations, the State doesn't meet FED obligations. This was stipulated by “Federal Reserve Act” (ch.6, 38 Stat. 251, enacted December 23, 1913). Thus USA has no legal responsibility for the collapse of FED dollars on international exchange markets. The United States meet no Federal Reserve System obligations.

As a reminder: all central banks in the world including ECB (European Central Bank) and Central Bank of Russia are integrated in global Central Bank system and must hold reserves in USD – main reserve currency.

If this reserve thins out below the certain amount, currency of this country threatens to collapse right down to having no value, thereafter killing the country economy.

If main reserve currency collapses, Central Bank provides support by reserve currencies and gold. But the trick is that other reserve currencies such as euro, yen, swiss franc are backed by dollars issued by Federal Reserve System and obliged to United States Department of the Treasury. And world gold prices are in dollars issued by Federal Reserve System. To put it the other way – if USA dollar collapsed there would be not just a chaos but global financial farce.

This is the moment of global economy collapse.

Farce” is the best word to describe the situation. Because no one will legally answer for the forthcoming gaff which can result in deaths of tens or even hundreds of millions of people.

That's why you can treat Trump's “I will arrange FED audit” in many ways. For owners of bogus capital deposited in banks, investment funds and phony shares this clearly means “run for your lives!”.

However, it's stable so far, Manhattan is calm and everybody will hold till the day X. On this day in New York there's a 911 call and some guy tells that unknown man has just jumped from the 40-th floor window of 50-storied building and he looks like an employee of the company which owns this building. This will be a signal for the Great Sink.

On the same day Trump (The President himself should do it) announces something like: “We, USA people and the President, declare that we will conduct audit of Federal Reserve System...”

By the way, the day before Russian Department of the Treasury declares they ran out of foreign exchange reserves like “There's just no money but you take care!”

A reminder: in 1963 John F. Kennedy issued Executive Order №11110 delegating US Department of Treasury to curb FED and was killed soon afterwards. But global financial situation was stable then. FED dollar was backed by gold. Kennedy decided to become a superhero saving the world from the Conspiracy.

But in case of Trump – he is covered by Rothschilds and Co (Koch brothers, industrials and the richest billionaires in USA, are known to be in this group). And they are not so easy to get.

Looks like it all adds up. FED owners want to destroy themselves (as legal entity). Whether they reach an agreement with Rockefellers,  who will be called responsible and who they are going to maximally impoverish, all of it is secondary, but initiative overtake has already begun.

There's an ancient proverb:If you can't beat them, lead them.

In this case USA represented by Trump will be heroes. Of course, they disclosed a FED cartel conspiracy and destroyed (nationalized) it...There also should be attempts on Trump's life and deaths of“team-mates”.

But in the end Trump will beat bad guys. People will praise their President, American women will yell “I love you, Donald!”, old men will  wipe away tears and say “that's incredible, we lived to see this day!”

The whole civilized world will glorify the feat of the brave American...clown or president, you decide.

And there won't be another chance like that for USA. Time is cruelly passing.

You can only guess and assume then.

Reboot scenario.

In general: the world shifts from being unipolar meaning there will be a lot of national emission centers.

In this case national currencies should (and will) be backed in gold. Parities of currencies are fixed and unchanging in time.

The United States will be first to announce adopting gold standard. Trump will issue an order saying Department of the Treasury starts issuingUSA dollarswhich are backed by gold pawned from Fort Knox (approximately 8500 tons). All claims of FED owners about having right for this stock (declaring they possess it for a long time) will beshoved away and I suspect there won't be any.Because bankers who took this gold as a loan are long dead by now and their heirs have lost the right for it in 1971 by throwing away gold standard and proclaiming FED dollar a merchandise. That means they committed massive (let's put it mildly) fraud. Investigating these cases would take decades.

Rockefellers and their allies will suffer no harm, they will just leave the global finances, they have enough money for a dozen generations ahead. But they already give up their assets in economy sectors. In May 2016 they announced that they withdraw investments in energy sector. Making announcement means they have already sold them and looks like it happened long time ago.

What does this situation give Rothschilds? That's a very interesting question which I answer next time I write about this.

Central banks of all other countries will almost simultaneously shift to the gold standard. In this case all Central banks in the world (except maybe Bank of England and European Central Bank) will also be nationalized. In Russia it will be mere formality. Constitution will be amended and State Bank Act will be issued saying about abolition of Central Bank and transfer its responsibilities to State Bank.

There's another option. Central bank will keep existing as it is now (maybe got nationalized), but the new State Bank of Russia appears. It will have monopoly for emitting roubles backed by gold. Central Bank will emit roubles used now and these banknotes will be treated like Treasury Bills (they were popular in USSR and were backed by “all country's assets”).

There is a couple of questions though:

1.What happens with former FED dollars?

To tell a long story short: FED dollars will be used in cash or non-cash payments but its exchange rate drops radically (because other currencies will be backed by gold).

2.What happens with USA Department of Treasury's commitments.

They will be maintained, because these are State commitments and government can't give them up, but payouts will be reduced. Moreover,USA should pay in dollars backed by gold. Thereby you can already assume how much gold will cost in FED dollars after X-day, in other words – what will be the real exchange rate of FED dollars to gold-backed currencies.

3.Who will be scapegoats and what happens to the countries, banks, transnational companies, world media and everybody who dances to the tune of current money owners and their marionettes? What will happen to now-ruling Western elites?

I will try to answer these questions in my third article about current situation in the world.

To be continued...


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