Rothschilds vs Rockefellers = Trump vs Clinton

«The modern banking system manufactures money out of nothing. The process is perhaps the most astounding piece of sleight of hand that was ever invented. Banking was conceived in iniquity and was born in sin. The bankers own the earth. Take it away from them, but leave them the power to create money, and with the flick of the pen they will create enough deposits to buy it back again. However, take away from them the power to create money and all the great fortunes like mine will disappear and they ought to disappear, for this world to be happier and better world to live in.»

Josiah Stamp, director of the Bank of England (1928-1941).

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How money are created in the world now.

You come to the bank and ask for a $1500 loan. If there's no problem with documents and you meet bank requirements you have your loan in three days or even in three hours. And you have absolutely no doubt that bank is the organization which always has the money you want. You're wrong. Considering you're the tenth person who asks for a loan today and there's dozen of people with the same goal behind you, it's safe to assume there's no such amount of money in the bank. When the bank worker says: “We will consider your application” he fools you.

Bank doesn't tell you: “We will create money for you.” A manager says: “We will consider your application.” And maybe bank does consider, but it hardly takes an hour, the rest of the time is needed for banking system to create the money. Bank just takes a cheaper loan from the Central Bank (issuing bank) and resells it to you. After this operation issuing bank has a free space for one conventional unit (your $1500 plus interest) and  it can get a new 'item' from storage and put it for sale. And this is exactly what it does.

You can ask: 'And what is the problem here? Issuing bank sold certain amount of money, got the same amount from its safe, displayed it and sells it again as loans.'

There's a problem: 'safe' is empty, there's no money in it. Certain numbers with lots of zeroes are entered into computer. You, wishing to live in debt, don't just buy money (money costs = price of money + price of money') but participate in the act of fraud. You don't just buy money overpaying the intermediary bank, you also play a role in its 'creation'. In exchange for your obligation to work for a year and transfer an agreed-upon portion of your salary to the bank every month (a fraction of this money is spent for a salary of 'working-to-death' bankers and for supporting office whores) you create a void in the 'computer safe' which is promptly filled with high-demanded zeroes created out of the thin air.

I agree, explanation is roughly simplified, but now it actually happens in real life.

Properly speaking, it already happened – one July morning in 2008.

In 2009 94th birthday of David Rockefeller was celebrated. Among the guests invited to share a relatively humble dinner there were several extremely serious men and women with briefcases. Informational leak from even one briefcase is comparable to loss of a dozen armed nuclear warheads.

In some moment of the party five people found privacy in a retro-decorated room with oak and natural leather finish. After a little while there was a call from that room and  an aging female secretary noiselessly entered.

'Rose, darling,' said the old man. 'Make me a glass of steamed milk and for these people –  make money.'

'How much money?'

The old man passed the secretary a sheet of paper.

'As much as they ask. 16 trillion 100 billion dollars.'

'All right, grandfather David.' Secretary smiled. 'Just a minute.'

In one minute the old man drank milk and attentively surveyed a sheet of paper that emerged from Rose's printer. Then he opened a desk drawer, took out vintage abacus and swiftly moved its balls. His face with deep wrinkles looking like little snakes showed a suspicion of vulturous smile.

'All right, ladies and gentlemen, just sign the papers and we're done.'

And that's how 16,100,000,000 dollars which prevented inevitable collapse of the world banking system were made, pretty simple, out of thin air.

According to official report of the Government Accountability Office (July 2011) during financial crisis of 2008-2009 Federal Reserve System provided $16.1 trillion in secret financial assistance to some of the largest banks throughout the world. And $ 659,4 million were spent to carryout emergency lending activities. Some recipients of this non-funded American money are listed below (p.131 of the report):

Citigroup Inc. — $ 2,513 trillion.

Morgan Stanley — $ 2,041 trillion.

Merrill Lynch & Co — $ 1,949 trillion.

Bank of America Corporation — $ 1,344 trillion.

Barclays PLC (United Kingdom) — $ 868 billion.

Bear Stearns Companies, Inc. — $ 853 billion.

Goldman Sachs Group Inc. — $ 814 billion.

What was this $ 16 trillion super-emission backed by and where the heck is the money?

It was backed by USA ruling elite's political obligations to create political instability in Arab countries from Morocco to Iran by providing various small terrorist groups with oil and weapons. Then according to the plan there would be Arab Spring, destruction of Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, Syria. Embargo of Iran and revolution there, colour revolutions in Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan. Meanwhile Georgia should have burned Tskhinvali and Sukhumi using rocket launchers and take control over South Ossetia and Abkhazia. But in fact these republics will be dominated by Rockefellers clan who owned 'magic printer' then.

Ukraine led by V. Yushchenko pushed Russian fleet out of Sevastopol.

After gaining control of Arab countries the elite would start the final round – destruction of the state of 'Russian Federation'. First, Belarus and Kazakhstan would be destroyed. Then construction of the gas pipeline from Qatar and Turkmenistan would reduce Moscow influence on Europe to minimum. In Russia that would cause economical crisis and multiple terrorist attacks (committed by islamists from 'Caucasus Emirate').

As a result, desperate Russians led and incited by Washington puppets invaded the streets and there would be august 1991 all over again. Then new 'wild 1990s' would descend on the country.

But as we know now, real modern history is completely different.

Black magic revealed.

I have two news for you. First one is the good one. Merry times are upon us.

Trump will win United States elections. It won't be easy, but he will do it. Just like it wasn't easy for Great Britain to exit EU. I mean fans of American and Western circus will notice too that it was difficult.

Because Trump represents Rothschilds, the most mysterious and closed clan of bankers in the world.

The war between Rothschilds and Rockefellers for taking control over world banking system, the war which lasted more than one hundred years has now reached its climax. Rothschilds are crushing Rockefellers.

For someone who don't know: the majority of analytics who are aware of undercurrents consider Eurasian oil assets taken from Rothschilds and consolidated by Rockefellers as the main reason of two World Wars in the 20th century.That's why Germany was unleashed on Britain twice (Rockefellers funded both Keiser Wilhelm and Hitler throughout the wars). Roosevelt in 1944 personally dictated new 'deal' to Lord of Halifax, British Ambassador in USA (the latter was the instigator of 'Munich Agreement', reaching agreements with Hitler back in November 1937):

Saudi Arabia goes to America,

Iran– to Britain,

But we're going to 'milk' Iraq and Kuwait together.

Rothschilds, giving up twice under the pressure of brutal force and specific circumstances, didn't forget the 'insults' and didn't forgive anything.

In May 30, 2012 the world found out about a certain agreement: «Rothschield Investment Trust "Capital Partners"» («RIT"CP"») - a company owned by Rothschilds, purchased large stakes of «Rockefeller Financial services» («RFS»), the company managing business of not only Rockefellers but other richest US families.

This news was broadcast by every leading world media. Comments were similar and shallow, the majority of them was like: two largest clans of global tycoons allied for 'fighting new  round of the World crisis together.'

In fact this announcement is far from being true.

But to understand that you should know the Rothschilds' motto – GOLD – and also – the major secret of their family. I just write a statement here, because proving it is not the goal of this article:

Whatever happens in the world today, Rothcshild's gold will never run out.

Strategies of both oligarchic groups are now planned basing on the principle set up by Frederic Morton, the biographer of Rothschilds: 'Today the family's goal is making their existence in the world inconspicuous and noiseless.'

Rockefellers betting on destruction and fragmentation of Russia, surrendered.

They broke their teeth trying to wreck Russia and then quietly stepped aside letting 'hawks' (their team of watchers) on their own. And the latter, already without Rockefeller's cover, are going to fight the last battle with Rothschilds represented by Trump.

Rockefellers before 2014 represented Fed's printing press, world banks, oil dollars, Wall Street, global media, Saudi sheikhs and ISIS, multiple international social organizations, the majority of western political elite, etc. But still, oil business has always been the center of Rockefellers' family business. But they have already got rid of their assets in this field. And theyannouncedit not so long ago.

Who now owns subsidiaries of legendary “Standard Oil” (this company is also famous for supplying the Third Reich with fuel during the whole WWII) is unknown.

They just let things go on their own.

Rothschilds will never allow the second coming of crazy Clintons in the White House. Big money love silence and Rothschilds don't need thermonuclear war.

Against them there's a unorganized horde of western political elite, howling, roaring herd of 'globalists' where each of them bears certain influence to the world, but all of them combined are worthless. They are capable only of making lots of noise, frighting people with freaks they created who blow up planes and airports, cut children' heads off.

This herd can organize itself, but only against Russia. And that's the fact. And Russian rockets keep them covered.

The majority of Great Russian Nation will prefer to die with this civilization in the fire  of thermonuclear war then surrender to these swines. Think about hordes walking streets with flags and assault powerless old people only because they are  'from Soviets' – and you understand that Russia prepared for Third World War is worse than the war itself.

It happened that at this point Rothschilds have become our enemies.

That's why Trump is going to win.

Furthermore, Trump for Rothschilds is the most suitable figure for playing Woland (the character representing Satan) from the chapter 'Black Magic Revealed' of'The Master and Margarita'novel. There're lots of revelations, but this is just a foreplay. For the massive act they need Trump as a legitimate power in the USA. And they will get it.

We will not be bored, guys.

Collapse of the world economy is imminent, it can't be prevented or reprieved. It can only be ruled.

Global financial matrix will be rebooted. Everything will be back to the golden standard of national currency.

It can happen according to the script I briefly wrote about inmy previous article.There're only theses below:

1. Trump will initiate Fed audit and it will cause the collapse of Wall Street and stock markets.

Funds market will die. Market of oil futures will die. Metal exchange in London will keep working.

2. Trading banks except a few declare themselves bankrupt.

3. Trump will instruct USA Department of Treasury to immediately start emitting USA dollars backed by gold upon a pawn of Fort Knox gold reserve.

4. Fed dollar will swiftly go down in a price towards 'gold-backed' USA dollar.

5. USA Department of Treasury will announce temporary hold of treasury payments.

6. Other world currencies will also fall in price towards gold-backed USA dollar. This process will be even more drastic than Fed dollar fall.

I can say it in other worlds. Price for gold determined today in Fed dollars, will rise abruptly, but sales will only remain on paper, there will be no one wishing to sell real gold. In a twinkle of an eye it will also disappear from every jewelry store. So will silver.

7. G7 countries, Russia, China, other BRICS countries and members of Eurasian Economic Union will declare launching their gold-backed national currencies. If you look up for countries vigorously buying up gold recently, you see China, Russia and other BRICS members in that list. Controlling interest in International Monetary Fund will go to Russia and its allies.

8. Fed leaders and ones who were mixed up in last “quantitative easing” will be proclaimed guilty. The investigation will go on for decades.

9. In USA all private deposits will be frozen, dollars in cash will be exchanged on limited quantity of new cash (with fair exchange rate for American citizens), at the same time Fed dollars will be withdrawn from commerce. I think, this situation will end up in shooting (considering the amount of people bearing guns).

10. According to this script USA middle class will vanish as well. The country is already prepared for civil tumult.

11. Europe will suffer the most from this chaos, especially former 'brothers' of Russia – Slavs and people from Baltic states.

And it turns out NATO battalions in Europe are there not for 'dealing with Russian threat' but for suppressing spontaneous riots and defend property and interests of USA and European elite from the locals.

12. The fate of sheiks from Saudi Arabia and Qatar will be quite unfortunate. I don't even want to predict it. It could be even worse that everything I can write.

Billionaires from Caribbean Islands will run the streets naked. There will be no offshore financial center in the Caribbean. As nowhere else.

I believe, everything happens approximately as I described and inevitably starts in 2017, despite forecasts of all leading analysts. And this will last until 2020, when Trump's first term as USA President ends.

At first, when Trump and Rothschilds get accustomed themselves in the White House, there will be secret negotiations considering the fate of America's external debt. Instead of obliged treasury payments USA will trade in their geopolitical interests.

But this trade will be not so much with the holders of USA debts but with China and Russia. Because these countries will not declare war against USA for not paying bills with interest and will guarantee some compensations (because of new milking cows – Saudi Arabia and other states of Persian Gulf)

Forecasts of other analysts either utterly omits this long-lasting war between clans or doesn't take into consideration Rothschilds' creed: 'gold', their goal – drive the world back to the gold standard, and they don't want thermonuclear Third World war to happen.

Big money love silence.

Second news from 'not so good column'.

For starters, let me brief you:

During Ronald Reagan's presidency a committee was created headed by  P. Voulker, chairman of the Board of Governors for the Fed (Rothschilds' henchman). And it found out that there's no gold owned by the state of America in Fort Knox, only private and foreign one.

But where will Trump take gold to fund newly emitted USA dollars from?

90% of private gold now deposited in Fort Knox belongs to Rothschilds.

Trump will just take it. Easy-peasy.

USA Federal Reserve System will remain, but will be nationalized.

United States will get long-term loan in gold from Rothschilds. And it's not just 8500 tons of Fort Knox gold.

Rothschilds purchased more gold than everyone else lately.

The poster of this article is 100,000 dollar bill. The president depicted on it is Woodrow Wilson, the same person who passed 'Federal Reserve Act' in 1913.

Only 42,000 banknotes were printed from 1934 to 1935, they were used only for internal deals among Federal Reserve Banks). In 1935 the banknotes mysteriously disappeared, sinking into private pockets.

Put it another way: Rothschilds will definitely cover the whole USA and disguised make the country their own, omitting other 'families' because this clan doesn't want to share any more.

There will be new gold certificate. Again, it will be used only among big players. Nomination? $ 1,000,000. Guess whose portrait will be on that bill?

Donald Trump! President who will nationalize Federal Reserve System and bring a printing press back to the United States.

For the commoners this means a defeat of Rockefellers and now-ruling Western elite. But they are only retreating and changing their location.

Life goes on. As information war.


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