Feminism is oppressing women

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I made a video on this topic a few nights ago, but could not figure out how to post it. I want to talk about feminism today in a way that makes sense, because I am a woman and I am not empowered by this failed movement.

Despite your misinformed belief, feminism is not an “equal rights” revolution. It is quite the opposite. It doesn’t even stand for the equal rights of all women–just other feminists. I have seen over and over again the sexist behavior of women towards men under the clever veil of feminism, but you cannot be an equal rights movement if you do not advocate equality for men and women the same. I’m sorry, but all “one sided” arguments have a second perspective if you turn it over.

One thing that really stands out to me is this argument of “sexual objectification.” Objectification is when a person, male or female, is portrayed as a sexual object. What many women fail to acknowledge or even care about is that men are objectified just as much as women, and solving this problem starts with addressing both genders as victims.

I investigated this topic last fall after I saw a classless and tasteless music video of a woman holding a man’s head in between her legs while she sang about having “power” and “dominance.” I don’t care if it’s art. I don’t care if it’s a metaphor. It is sexual objectification.

I asked a Sociology professor at Southern Miss (who is a feminist) what she thought about this being forced upon men as well as women. This, in short, is what she said:

“It’s a good thing men are objectified. Women have been objectified for so long, it’s about time men were. They actually like it, and aren’t affected like women are, so it’s not that big of a deal. Men should be sexual objects if women are.”

This kind of backwards, ignorant mentality only encourages the destabilization of an already over-sexualized culture. Celebrities live in a fantasy while the rest of us, down here in reality, are trying to mimic their dysfunction. All the while feminism is standing on the “equal rights” soap box, enticing it to go on. Why? Because believe it or not, women are just as sexist, if not more at this point, than men.

Feminists are so exclusive in fact, that a common phenomenon is the bullying, slut-shaming and rejection of anti-feminist women by these “Girl Power” tyrants. Common comments from feminists to non-feminists (women) include:

I hope you get raped so you will understand why you need feminism.

You should give up your right to vote.

You owe your life to feminism.

Why don’t you want rights to your own vagina.

Why does the feminist movement think I’m undeserving of rights to my body if I’m not a part of their aimless stupidity? Apparently, feminists own the rights of every vagina in the world and anti-feminists can’t get those rights until they join the movement. This does not empower women.

Feminism fails to realize a few things, or maybe just turns a blind eye to it. First of all, I deserve my right to vote, protection from rape and control over my body while I wait for a more sensible organization to arise that I can get behind. Secondly, women have made major improvements and progress since this thing got started decades ago, but you never hear feminists talking about the positives do you? It’s not good for their agenda. Lastly, they claim to empower and promote equal rights while stomping on the rights of the opposite gender and failing to look at statistical facts that prove women are more powerful, free and successful than men in this modern world.

Give up this unattractive victim mentality. There are good causes behind feminism, for instance: domestic violence and sexual abuse awareness, women’s health issues, etc..but these causes desperately need a new, unbiased, rational representative. There are many things I would get behind that feminists claim to stand for, but honestly no one really knows what you stand for anymore.

Do you really want men to treat you like a man? I assume that means, when you lay your hands on a man and he knocks you the hell out, you won’t be getting up crying “He hit me!” Do you really want to force men out of their own gender roles and assign them new social pressures because your offended when a man has common decency and opens the door for you? This movement is oppressive to me, to men, to other anti-feminists and their own selves. Misery is their loudest voice in an age when they have all the opportunity in the world, but no common sense to accept it.

Not convinced? Check out this video for more sense:


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