Marks of socitety degradation

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1. Teenagers becoming infants.

Upbringing of boys and girls is basing on encouraging infantile behavior, meaning – social maturity is artificially delayed. It is done for redirecting the energy of young people when it's in full power (from 15 to 25 years old). I believe it's not news to you that the majority of revolutionaries have always been of that age.

Because a young man in his twenties is active (physically and intellectually) as never before (of after): he's healthy, smart, fervent, a bitter-ender and a hard-ass. Pretty dangerous combination, isn't it? Just remember: Alexander the Great was 20 years old when he started his 'career', Ivan the Terrible conquered Kazan' being 22 years old. Now people of that age are considered 'teenagers'. That's the plan: raise a social 'infant', turn a history maker to a safe goon that isn't capable of serious actions. Excessive energy is now wasting on screwing around, booze, smoking or using other drugs, at worst there's always street crime.

2. Common standards for the upbringing of both boys and girls.

Now there's not so many schools with segregated educational system. It's done not for giving women courage but taking it from men. I must add that teenage boys from 13 to 16 years old (on the peak of puberty) can't adequately study and learn any information when girls are around.

3. Set a new self-absorbed image of the world.

Self-centered person is lonely. 'Divide and conquer' is the main motto of people behind the current system.

4. Building the image of 'successful' person.

These images are made using the world media, movies, TV series, advertisement and even books. As a rule this 'successful' person is the model of a perfect slave of the system. Neck tie, suit, breathtaking career, great house, expensive car, vacations abroad, model girlfriends and Irish whiskey.

Sounds great, isn't it? But look a little deeper and you find out  that this lucky guy is addicted to his status. That's why he would do everything to keep the system stable, would tolerate any humiliation to get to the top of his profession. Also he wouldn't mind unfair governmental social policy and lack of free speech. He hides his childhood dreams so deep he forgets who he is and becomes a Replicunt.

There're other images of 'successful people': a big bloke drinking beer in a pub, a vixen philandering from man to man, a feminist, a gangster. All these characters are driven by greed and animal instincts which bring their ability for compassion and mercy to virtually nothing. There's a lot of images like this, just take a pick. But there's no image of a warrior, protector of the innocent, of mother, poet, or sage, etc. Now we have only distorted substitutes of people's natural behavior.

5. Sex and violence instead of love.

It's no secret that sexual instinct is one of the strongest. Accordingly, you can influence people through sex. Moreover, carnal desires are the part of our dark, animal self (deep levels of unconscious mind). And they are aggressively stimulated using media, commercials, books (of fiction or science), computer games. Many years ago Nietzsche said: “Manis a rope, tied between beast and Übermensch — a rope over an abyss...

So, from psychologies' point of view, Übermensch is connected to the upper level of our subconscious which is responsible for the source of a creative, scientific or poetic inspiration, the cradle of heroic deeds. On the contrary, deep levels of subconscious are responsible for a 'beast', instincts, violence and fear.

Both 'Übermensch' and 'Beast' live in us. But in some people's minds 'Übermensch' is dominating, but sometimes it's the other way around. Let me tell you a secret: our leaders are afraid that their servants reach upper levels of subconscious because this part of our personality is heavenly deep, uncontrollable and unpredictable. They reasonably decided that a monster powered by carnal desires is much less dangerous for the system than a source of divine inspiration.

That's why psychological crook Sigmund Freud aggressively implanted his new theory. Freud wasn't concerned of the science, but of subconscious 'occultism', of divine power displays. Actually, these were concerns of his sponsors. The example of this power was in plain sight: because of it Soviet citizens defeated nazi Germany soldiers despite advantages of the latter in men or technology.

6. Consumerism

This is the kind of weapon that kills many birds with one stone.

So, what's the difference between consumerism and ordinary consumption? Consumption is caused by person's natural need to have an item. It can be easily demonstrated: your jacket is ripped or worn out, so you go to a shop and buy a new one. This is an example of consumption. But if you buy a jacket because:

  • it's 'trendy',
  • it has a tag of a popular brand on it,
  • it fits your new boots well


  • you just want to purchase something new (having 5 jackets in your wardrobe already),

this is consumerism. Especially if you take a loan to buy this jacket.

To say it differently, consumerism is consumption that is not naturally triggered.

Why is consumerism so important for the existing system?

Well, first of all, consumerism sets the current economic model in motion because it always triggers a demand. Demand in its turn induces manufacturers to grow and electorate – to take loans which are vital for the world financial system.

Secondly, consumerism is sort of antidepressant which reduces social pressure and more importantly – determines the certain amount of people's goals.

Thirdly, like all of antidepressants, it's addictive, meaning people become dependable, weak and malleable.

7. I'm a citizen of the world.

Culture, side by side with high intelligence, is what separates humans from animals.

What is homeland, nation? People are not just united by natural kinship but by culture that also educates. National cultures have been developed for thousands of years, absorbed wisdom of the ancestors and rose in various forms. The culture of a nation moves human mind to the upper levels of consciousness.

When cultures are mixed/destroyed, a person becomes an animal, an 'American'. Do not let yourself confused by USA 'progress', that's a progression of a tumor. History will kill the United States, you can count on it: Babylon always perishes despite its apparent might and “progressiveness”. By destroying national cultures they seek human resource of that culture also they substitute it using surrogate – pseudo-values. And these 'values' turn people into livestock with intellect.

8. Nobility is a taboo.

It's dangerous for the system because people's behavior becomes unpredictable and uncontrollable. System is afraid of unclear motives, it's safer to have humans moved by a thirst for money, lust, addiction or vice. As I wrote before, that way people's actions are easier to predict and as a result – easier to manipulate.

9. Destruction of family values.

This paragraph is a little similar to 'sex and violence' part, but also quite specific.

Eradication of family values results in annihilation of national culture and also in society atomization, self-indulgence, and people's animal behavior.

10. Alcohol and cigarettes.

Alcohol is the best way to create idiots.” Emil Kraepelin.

It's a scientific fact that any dose of alcohol is bad especially for human brain. Just read books of academics Uglov, Bekhterev or Pavlov regarding sobriety or alcohol consumption.

Alcohol is the first instrument of turning people into animals and also a real weapon of mass destruction. No terrorists or bombs are that successful in taking so many lives than legalized drugs – alcohol and tobacco. They are the reason why millions of people die every year!

Alcohol, tobacco and other drugs drain a man from his nature, make him stupid, apathetic, soft, not able to protect neither his family, nor himself. Women considered a temple of life desecrate their nature by poison as much as men, condemning themselves and their children to various diseases and weaknesses. Children, raised in these conditions, don't have a choice and become dependable from early age, just because they don't know otherwise.

To sum it up:

It's interesting that you can face the adversity using a universal weapon – remember and listen to yourself.

The first condition for listening to real self – stop intoxicating your mind: don't smoke, drink alcohol or take other drugs. It's intoxication itself that fogs human mind, restricts a vision and prevents people to see the world as it really is.

The second condition is probity: don't betray your believes for coin, don't act against your gut even it seems irrational.

Intelligence is an important instrument, but not everything can be explained logically, there's always a reason, consciousness, feelings and intuition. Healthy person should have all of the above. And only your soul can unite these controversial and hardly connected parts of human personality. It shouldn't be for sale. Even if you fear death or poverty, it's even more difficult and meaningless to live without a soul. Because this is who you really are. Your body is just clothes given to you for a small period of time, but your soul lives forever and is the only one aware of your true destiny.

Your demands can vary. Scientist, artist, doctor, musician, engineer, constructor, peasant, warrior – take your pick. Just don't turn yourself into faceless living corpse, into batteries for system who hates any display of true spirit.


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