Haitian Relief Worker: “Hillary, You Are A Grand Level Thief”

Humanity is now at an incomparable crossroads of “humanism, consciousness and caring” or devolving further into a totally degenerate and fascist “dog-eat-dog” world that is being controlled by corrupt politicians and the New World Order ‘gang’ of global financial criminals who work for no viable humane social fabric EXCEPT a system that works for, and profits, them and their best vested interests. Apparently, Hillary Clinton is the epitome of that New World Order.

In the video below, we hear first-hand, on-the-scene reports of what’s really going on in Haiti after the most recent hurricane—“Matthew,” and even more specifically following the devastating 7.0 earthquake of January 12, 2010 that saw the Clinton Foundation ‘jump in’ to raise billions of dollars for Haitian relief with only about 2 percent of the raised monies given to the poor Haitians—something that needs to be investigated immediately by international law as a scam and crime defrauding both those generous folks who gave donations and the Clinton Foundation that has not been honest in its purpose of raising billions of relief money for Haiti and its people.

Readers may want to replay that video in order to have reality sink in as to what kind of human being Hillary Clinton actually is. Is she what she purports to be, or is she one of the “old boys’ network” who uses everyone and everything like a disposable commodity, especially the poor black folks of Haiti in their most desperate hours of need? What do the black folk in the USA think about such treatment to people of color in need?

In this video we hear a plea being made about obtaining an audit of the ‘stolen’ money that the Clinton Foundation collected in the name of, but did not give to, Haitian relief.

Clinton Foundation “invades” Haiti

In the first video, we heard how gold mines in Haiti allegedly were ‘distributed’ to Clinton associates!

That needs to be investigated, confirmed and even prosecuted for stealing a country’s natural assets, I would imagine.

Furthermore, Hillary Clinton is asked to disclose where the money ‘stolen’ from the Haitian relief efforts has gone and for an audit of the Clinton Foundation’s Haiti Relief Fund be published. That should be a priority issue for everyone who believes in integrity, fairness and “truth in advertising.”

The audit and facts may come too late to influence voters’ opinions, but better late than never, as prosecutions can take place in honest courts of justice. However, don’t ask the U.S. FBI to get involved, I offer.

Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation need to fess up to what’s going on with the billions of dollars it took in for Haitian relief, but obviously dropped the ball on distributing it to Haitians.

The Haitian people are suffering beyond belief and Americans don’t give a damn, especially the current Democratic presidential candidate. What a shame!


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