Europe has made the same mistake as the Roman Empire

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Insignificant appendix of the Great Asia, dead end of the migration past. Climate is moderate and lukewarm, there's neither scorching heat nor arctic cold, brains' function is pretty well.

And there're no battles for the coastline territory, the most powerful countries have access to the sea.

Ancestors of now living Europeans showed up out of the blue circa in 4-5th century AD. By the time it happened the Romans were decayed to the breaking point, barbarians were in the army, in the Senate, there were no great emperors any more. Ancient Rome was a perverse megalopolis with gold temples, villas of moneybags were located in provinces. At first, barbarians impose barbarian emperors on Rome, but when they got sick of it, they just overthrew the ruler. Taking temples' gold, richmen's villas and slutty Roman women.

Barbarians destroyed Rome, that's me stating the obvious.

And now after 1500 years new barbarians broke through the borders and History repeats itself.

Then again, they are not the first 'new barbarians'. Back in 1960s France and Germany let Arab and Turkish people into the country to work in factories. Since then Arabs living in France are allowed to serve in the army and  work as policemen. Well, that's how it started in the Roman Empire a long time ago.

'Old barbarians' settled down in Europe. For 15 hundred years they participated in every war imaginable where they fired off the whole hatred, got soft, adopted all sins leading civilizations to imminent death and 'new barbarian' invasion.

What can European civilization be proud of? Democracy when the majority of weak and spoiled citizens choose a leader who is not better than them. Kissing asses, obeying and sucking up to women, children, buggers and dykes. Human rights praising weakness and protecting the right to be weak. Innovations in medicine which helped saving lives of sick, mutilated and defected humans but also contributed in their breeding. All of this is nothing else but sins.

Weakness became a virtue, power is condemned. Europeans disclaim and punish even natural man's affection to a woman: feminists and lesbians put tens of thousands of their male compatriots behind bars just because men showed that they are sexually attracted to the person of opposite sex.

RememberJ. Assangewho was prosecuted in Sweden because of his natural impulses.

And now, like 15 centuries ago, new barbarians ascended upon Europe, disdaining all visas and permissions. This time it was people from Northern Africa and Middle East and the majority of them are Muslims. And they treat Europe the same way old German hordes and Asian migrants treated Old perverted Rome. All this is greed for Roman wealth, Roman villas, towns and roads with deep contempt for Roman citizens, these spineless creatures having neither muscle strength, nor will.

What happened in Köln clearly shows their attitude: immigrants are new barbarians. They are not constrained by European 'code of weakness' and put their hands on German women, claimed the right of strong and young men for women of other nation. Not giving a damn for the morality. German men in Köln weren't even brave enough to protect their women, they just hid themselves, quailed and ran away.

Female German chancellor (note: once fearsome Germans are led by a woman, and this is already the act of falling) invited new barbarians to work in Germany because now occurs catastrophic ageing of German population. But according to capitalism doctrine (but capitalism itself is also a contemporary sin, weakness of production and consumption) it's necessary at least not to decrease production rate. But in the best case scenario it should be increased ('increase of economic indexes' is praised now).

But German chancellor knows history quite bad: when so many barbarians come to Europe (2.2 million migrants appeared in Europe only in 2015), they are not going to work, they will rob the country of its recourses, homes and women.

No one is going to work, stupid frau Merkel! They cannot be tamed, they're barbarians with long hands and sharp sight... they will show you 'increase of economic indexes'!

Old Europe has made a fatal mistake. However, Roman Empire (essentially it has already been Europe) did the same thing: let barbarians in.

And Russians, ignorant people from cold Siberian tundra, are going to observe the fall of Europe, shrugging their shoulders, arguing, not finding a consensus.

Old Europe, feminized, infantile, weakened by the philosophy of human rights and saving the miserable, will die in front of our eyes. Very, very soon.


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