Five things you should know to understand current global situation

1. There's no such thing as «Global Financial Crisis»

What really happens is the collapse of the dollar pyramid created by Federal Reserve System (USA).

FED is a private organization comprised of 12 «Federal Reserve Banks». These banks are located in the United States and have a right to issue banknotes and non-cash transactions (USD). They also provide the country with  loans and with their banknotes which they sell (wholesale or on credit) in exchange for material valuables or some political decisions.

Until 1971 FED dollar was gold-based. But the «magic printer» owners' temptation to build a fortune for themselves and their organizations just by signing a paper was too great. These people had to stop free dollar-gold exchange and resorted to a fraud.

In 1971 $ USD itself was announced as merchandise number one because of its status of being main reserve currency. Meaning all central banks in the world should have them if they want to keep their existence and all energy source contracts should be paid in USD.

To promote dollars on global market money owners apply a principle of financial pyramid (Ponzi scheme). And these people use the United States and other subordinate countries, military alliances, also private banks, corporations, the media, public and scientific organizations all over the world.

But all Ponzi schemes eventually come to an end and that's exactly what is happening now. There're almost twice as many «printed» dollars as could be based on gold. The giant bubble comprised of debts and loans is ready to burst any day now. And consequences for the whole humanity are unpredictable.

That's an axiom. Only math, nothing personal.

2. Collapse of USD-Pyramid could be reprieved.

This collapse could be reprieved for a couple of decades... by destroying Russian Federation, robbing the country of all resources and transferring them to Federal Reserve System using numerous intermediary banks and corporations. By making Russian citizens slaves (whether it will be evident or not).

Then the Pyramid could be temporarily saved through destroying Syria,Iran, India and China.

The motive for a war against Russia is a reprieve from the Pyramid collapse. «Money and nothing personal». Everything else is just«smoke screen».

3.Russia told USA Federal reserve to Stop.

Russia led by Putin is the only country halting the march of FED. It alone  proposed a plan of peaceful and gradual transition to the new global financial structure with multiple national emission centers.

However, this plan doesn't suit the majority of global financial and political superiors because Pyramid collapse will rob them from their fortune and power. Many of them are ready to start thermo-nuclear Third World War hoping to survive it and reign on the ruins.

4.Everything you hear or read from leading global Media from the West is a 100%-lie.

All of them have one general line: they conduct Information war against Russia and its allies. The task is to throw dirt to the country and picture Russians as some kind of animals.

That's why they lie, even telling truth about events in other parts of the world. Because truth has long been serving lies and truth is told selectively and only if it fits the general line.

And there're tons of lies because they don't have time and «Day X» is upon them.

5. «All warfare is based on deception».

Russia can't officially point a finger at our main enemy.

Because these people's power is distributing all over the world discreetly, «behind-the-scenes».

But telling slaves — yes, everyone who supports (evidently or not)money owners and western  elite, their puppets, are slaves — and telling slaves that they are slaves results in their aggression and thereby Russian isolation. In that case there won't be enough room for diplomacy and no chance to win this war just by waiting for a moment when the Pyramid collapses and buries its creators.

That's why Russian President addressing slaves uses the word «partners». The Foreign Minister of Russia Sergey Lavrov uses other expression, but I don't want to use obscene words.

Putin chose a strategy similar to one described in ancient treatise «The Art of War» written by great Chinese military strategist Sun Tzu who by the way didn't lose a single battle.

Some contradictions in Russian president's speeches and apparent controversial moves should be considered as a war tactic. «All warfare is based on deception»

He is not obliged to let everyone including Russian authorities know his plans. He doesn't have to explain his actions to the citizens. He is Commander in Chief and Russian people are soldiers and should remember about subordination.

That's all you should know before trying to analyze and understand what really happens now in the world.


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