Unpleasant England: History review

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England is the most bloodthirsty state of all times. Irishmen were killed there for ages. The most notorious occasion happened in 1649 when English troops commanded by Cromwell invaded Ireland. In Drogheda he ordered to kill the whole garrison and also catholic priests, in Wexford army didn't even need a command to perform a massacre.

The majority of Irishmen (including women and children) were enslaved and shipped to colonial territories of West Indies. Statistically,  there were 1,5 million residents in Ireland by 1641, in 1652 only 850 thousand were left, but 150 thousand of them were English and Scottish colonists. 50-56% of Irish nation was lost. It's next to impossible to find more shining example of genocide.

In a world slave trade England has always been the leader. Millions of lives were lost. In colonies Englishmen used so-called“white slaves”- from Scotland and Ireland, but there were also about 13 million African slaves brought there. The numbers of the dead go off scale: one alive slave cost 3-4 people killed during a “manhunt” in Africa or died in transportation. Interesting fact: English philosopher John Locke, founder of 'civil society' theory, participated in drafting constitutions of slave-owning states and invested everything into slave-trade.

In 19th century England supplied China with opium, getting huge material valuables, gold, silver and fur in return. Moreover, the country achieved strategic military goal – corruption of Chinese army, Chinese officials and Chinese people, robbing them from a will to resist. Trying to free people of opium addiction and salvage the country, in 1839 Chinese emperor started massive confiscation and eradication of opium supplies in Canton. London reacted – and that's how Opium wars began. China was defeated and was forced to accept all conditions of English drug-trade mafia. British Royal Family and England's elite profited from it considerably. But for China damage was catastrophic: many generation died in opium haze, people's mental and physical degradation was evident. In 1842 416 million people lived in China, 2 million of them were addicts; on 1881 120 million people were addicted to opium and the population was only 369 million.

“While China will remain a civilization addicts, we need not fear that this country can transform into a harsh military government, because this habit of sucking up to date without reserve force of the Chinese people.” This is how Geoff Hurst, the British Council in China, concluded his speech during the meeting of Royal Commission on Opium in 1895.

Millions of people died in wars unleashed by London authorities all over the world. In English colonies (North America, Australia, Tasmania) massive depopulation was conducted (all Tasmanians were killed). Some statistics : after 20 years of Englishmen living in Bengal the population of this region was diminished by more than 50%! From the beginning of the 19th century with English power spreading all around India, massive hunger has become commonplace for the country. According to British official data, from 1800 to 1825 1 million people died from hunger in India, in 1825-1850 – 400 thousand, in 1850-1875 – 5 million, in 1875-1900 – 26 million people.

Massive killing of aborigines soon became absolutely normal, like hunting. In 1830 in Tasmania English soldiers of 40th regiment huddled the locals who dared to be 'unfriendly' into one group, shot men and beat women and children to death. Caroline Elkins, professor of history, wrote in her book “Imperial Reckoning: The Untold Story of Britain's Gulag in Kenya”(about British regime in Kenya after WWII):

Responding to the murder of 32 white colonists by Mau Mau rebels Englishmen slaughtered 300 thousand Kikuyu people and also imprisoned 1,5 million people.

It's important that the first concentration camp was created by Lord Kitchener (British officer!) in South Africa for Boer families during the Second Boer War (1899-1902). As chief of staff, Kitchener ordered to destroy Boer's farms. Settlers were taken into these camps and Englishmen itself admitted that conditions there were terrifying. For quelling the Boer resistance they used expanding bullets which produced huge severe wounds and caused much more suffering. Finally by Kitchener's order Boer territory was divided in big areas using barbed wire. About 200 thousand people were huddled into camps – a half of Boer population. 26 thousand of them died because of hunger and disease (the majority of them werechildren).

Later Englishmen covered the whole planet with concentration camps and prisons, crushing any resistance with terror and creating their “World order”. Shmuel Dotan, Israel historian, describes the conditions in those camps: 

"In Binyamina concentration camp convicts worked for 12 hours a day almost non-stop. They had stale pita for lunch and thin vegetable soup for dinner. People were so hungry they ate grass and watermelon seeds. There was no water to clean yourself, no shelter. People slept under the open sky. Prisoners were taken to the quarries near Haifa in carriages and for several hours they couldn't even sit because it was so cramped."

I won't elaborate here on the 20th century: 1914, 1920s, 1940s. British volunteer units fought on the side of SS against 'Asian hordes'.

One should know and remember the world evil... The Evil Empire was created by the same people who built democracy, they are bloodthirsty and scary and moreover, didn't take responsibility for committed crimes!

Similar situations are happening over and over again and don't change so much with passing centuries.


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